Xinxin Amy Yang

Ph.D. Candidate

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    I am a Ph.D. Candidate at the Media School of Indiana University. My teaching and research interests include media management, global media industry, social media, Chinese film and media, ethnic media in the U.S., and international/intercultural communication.


    Indiana University Bloomington, The Media School

    • Ph.D. in Communication (5/2017)
    • Ph.D. Minor in Global Media Industry, 2015

    Boston University, College of Communication

    • M.S. in Media Management

    Peking University

    • B.A. in Film and TV Studies
    • B. A. in World History

    Fellowships and Awards

    Cushman Memorial Dissertation Fellowship, 2016

    Graduate Scholarship, Indiana University, 2013-present

    China National Social Science Fund on oversea Chinese media topic, 2015

    Travel Fund, Indiana University, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

    Graduate Scholarship, Boston University, 2009

    Merit Scholarship, Boston University, 2008

    Teaching Experience

    Introduction to Design and Production, Spring 2017, Association Instructor

    Media Village (Social Media), Fall 2016, Instructor of Record

    Promotion and Marketing in Telecommunication, Spring 2016, Guest Lecture on “Dynamics of International Advertising and Sales”

    Introduction to Public Relation, Fall 2015, Guest Lecture on “International Public Relation and Marketing”

    Promotion and Marketing in Telecommunication, Spring 2016, Graduate Assistant

    Introduction to Public Relation, Fall 2015, Graduate Assistant

    Foundations of Journalism and Mass Communication, Spring 2015, Fall 2014, Associate Instructor

    Publications and Manuscripts


    Yang, Xinxin and Qiang Li (2014). Late Glory: Arthur Wong and Chinese American WWII Veterans Who Liberated Europe, Boston Bilingual Media and Publishing Inc. (In Chinese, reprinted by Hangzhou publishing Inc. in 2015, China National Book Award, covered by Xinhua News, Guangming Daily etc.) (Equal authorship) 

    IU Media Coverage:

    Yang, Xinxin. Production and Consumption of Chinese Ethnic Media in Boston. (Book manuscript based on dissertation)

    Articles and Book Chapters

    Yang, Xinxin. “Chasing Dreams in the U.S.: Contemporary Chinese Ethnic Media Journalists and Their Roles”, in What Journalists Believe, What Journalists Do: Global perspectives in a rapidly changing media environment (Edited by Eric Freedman, Robyn Goodman, and Elanie Steyn), Routledge. (Forthcoming)

    Yang, Xinxin. Chinese Ethnic Media and China-U.S. Relationship. (Book chapter, forthcoming)

    Yang, Xinxin, BC Chen, M. Maity, and E. Ferrara (2016). Social Politics: Agenda Setting and Political Communication on Social Media, in The Proceedings of SocInfo 2016, the 8th International Conference on Social Informatics, Bellevue, WA, 2016.

    Yang, Xinxin, Ke Dong, and Yan Shi (2010). MTV: Transnational Media Organization’s International Perspective, Journalism Fan (Xin Wen Ai Hao Zhe) 14(7): 53-55. (In Chinese)

    Yang, Xinxin and BC Chen. The 2016 President Election and Partisan Discussion on Twitter. (Manuscript)

    News Reports

    Over a thousand news reports, World Journal (The largest overseas Chinese daily), 2010-2012