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    I am a doctoral candidate at the Indiana University Media School. My primary research is health communication, more specifically, the effects of different types of media portrayals of mental illness on the audience. My research agenda also includes work on the role of audience involvement in entertainment media effects. I have published research on the trivialization of obsessive-compulsive disorder via social media in two peer-reviewed journals, Computers in Human Behavior and Imagination, Cognition, and Personality. I have also published work related to news media audiences and research methodology. For my dissertation, I intend to develop a measure of disease trivialization and then use it to assess similarities and differences with the phenomenon stigmatization via media.

    In addition to conducting research during my doctoral studies, I have served as an instructor of record for C255 (an introductory news writing, reporting, and editing course) as well as an associate instructor for C101 (the introductory media lecture course).