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Ph.D Candidate

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    I am interested in cognitive and affective processing of people in media messages (especially advertisements) and how these processes relate to behavioral outcomes. In 2009, I completed my BA with advanced honors in psychology at Georgia State University. At Appalachian State University, I received an MA in Experimental Psychology (2012). My master's thesis investigated affective and physiological desensitization to violent video games through the use of facial electromyography (EMG). My other lines of research have examined the face-ism effect in profile pictures of academic women, the effects of cognitive load and interactivity during video game play on attitudes toward women after exposure to sexualized female avatars, and, most recently, psychophysiological and neurological correlates of the perception of same-sex couples in advertisements. My dissertation investigates how news stories that highlight gender or racial identity and ease of categorization of models influence responses to advertisements. 

    I have experience teaching in the areas of psychology, media effects, advertising, and media management and industry.

    In my spare time I enjoy reading, traveling, hiking/backpacking/camping, and cooking. I look forward to finding new favorite places, experiencing unfamiliar things, and learning about the world and the people in it.

    You can find me in the University of Georgia's Advertising and PR department starting Fall 2018.

    Published Refereed Articles

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    Read, G. L., Pavelko, R., & Hwang, H. (2017). Social and evolutionary explanations for face-ism: Facial prominence in female academic profile pictures. Communication Research Reports, 34, 98-105. doi: 10.1080/08824096.2016.1236331

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