Caleb Allison

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    Film Archives and Restoration Practices, Film Exhibition Cultures and Histories, Media Paratexts, Media Production Studies, Film Distribution and Production Industries,


    I am a second year M.A. student with the intention of pursing my PhD in Cinema and Media Studies. I have strong ties to Indiana: I'm from Lafayette (home of the much maligned Purdue University... at least here in Bloomington) and received my bachelor's in Sociology also from Indiana University. I completed an enlistment in the U.S. Navy following graduation where I was stationed in Greece on the island of Crete. My current interests involve research on media paratexts, prestige, media industry and production practices, taste politics, and film cultures. 

    The roots of my research are still being planted but I'm pleased to announce I will be presenting a paper, "'I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing'… Not Even Armageddon: Negotiating Fan Collecting Practices and Production Strategies of The Criterion Collection," at the upcoming Film & History Conference in November, 2017. Now, if any of that sounds interesting to you, know that it's all fascinating to me, so please reach out and I would love to discuss any of your own interests, projects, aspirations, or potential collaborations.