Caleb Allison

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    Film Archives and Restoration Practices, Film Exhibition Cultures and Histories, Media Paratexts, Media Production Studies, Film Distribution and Production Industries, Home-Video Collection, The Criterion Collection,


    I'm a first year Ph.D. student with strong ties to Indiana: I'm from Lafayette (home of the much maligned Purdue University... at least here in Bloomington) and received my master's in Media Arts and Sciences from IU as well. I completed an enlistment in the U.S. Navy following graduation where I was stationed in Greece on the island of Crete. My current interests involve research on media paratexts, prestige, media industry and production practices, taste politics, streaming applications, collecting cultures, and the Criterion Collection. 

    My master's thesis, "Collecting the Uncollectible: Residual Hardware, Streaming Aesthetics and the Criterion Collection," researched home-video collecting practices and aesthetics through the Criterion Collection from disc to streaming platforms and remains the impetus for my future research interests.

    I love the look and feel of Super 8 film and use a Canon Auto Zoom 518 SV whenver the occasion and my resources allow it.  I feel strongly about the continued use, preservation and importance of film not only for entertainment, but as a critical link to our collective cinematic history.  It also teaches one the valuable lessons of patience, planning and creative limitations.  I volunteer at the IU cinema whenver I can and am a regular contributor to their blog, ... A Place for Film.  You can read some of my work here.

    Please check out my new film, Video Eyes of Plan 9, a silent horror film shot on 16mm with a Bolex H16 Reflex.

    Conference Presentations

    Allison, C. (2017, November). “I don’t want to miss a thing…” not even Armageddon: Negotiating fan collecting practices and production strategies of The Criterion Collection. Paper presented at the Film & History Conference. Milwaukee, WI.

    Allison, C. (2018, March). Our shining beast: The technological uncanny and postmodern in The Qatsi Trilogy. Paper presented at the IU Landscape, Space, and Place Conference. Bloomington, IN.