Through the Gates: IU This Week is a joint project between the school, the IU Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President, and IU Newsroom. Dean James Shanahan is host of the series.


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Nov. 15: Through the Gates: IU This Week talks to Al Felzenberg, author of a new biography on legendary political writer and activist William F. Buckley Jr.

Nov. 8: Halina Goldberg, professor of musicology, and Dominick DiOrio, assistant professor of choral conducting, talk about the career and music of Maestro Krzysztof Penderecki in advance of his Nov. 15 performance at the Musical Arts Center. Listen.

Nov. 1: Patrick Feaster, IU media preservation specialist and scholar of sound recording, and Erika Dowell, associate director of IU’s Lilly Library, talk about the collection of Orson Welles’ materials being preserved and archived at the university. The duo also talks about the university’s Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative. Listen.

Oct. 25: Through the Gates producers Abbie Gipson and Emily Miles look into Indiana University campus ghost stories and discuss their findings. Listen.

Oct. 20: Through the Gates talks to Lee A. Feinstein, dean of IU’s School of Global & International Studies and former US ambassador to Poland. Topics include Feinstein’s career in foreign policy, hot spots such as North Korea and Iran, and his work in academia. Listen.

Oct. 18: Through the Gates chats with IU alum, writer and paranormal enthusiast Kat Klockow about Indiana University’s spooky stories and urban legends. Klockow is author of “Haunted Hoosier Halls: Indiana University” and “Ohio’s Haunted Crime.” Listen.

Oct. 11: Academy Award-winning screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin, MS’80, talks to Through the Gates during his visit to IU for The Media School’s Speaker Series. Listen.

Oct. 4: Mark Minton, professor of practice in IU’s School of Global and International Studies, talks about the history of North Korea and the escalation of tensions with the United States. Listen.

Sept. 27: Luis Fuentes-Rohwer, Professor of law and Harry T. Ice faculty fellow at the IU Maurer School of Law, talks to Through the Gates about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, its history and impact on higher education, and the current status of immigration law. Listen.

Sept. 20: IU Jacobs School of Music Dean Emeritus Charles Webb and Philip Ponella, the Wennerstrom-Philips Music Library director and director of Music Information Technology Services, talk about the great composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein. In 2009, the Bernstein family awarded the Jacobs School of Music with the contents of one of his composing studios. That studio is now on tour as part of the global celebration, “Leonard Bernstein at 100.” Listen.

Sept. 13: Political science professor Aurelian Craiutu discusses the current cycle of political and social polarization on university campuses and throughout the United States. Listen.

Sept. 6: James H. Madison, IU’s Thomas and Kathryn Miller professor of history emeritus, talks about recent controversies surrounding Confederate monuments and the Civil War. Listen.

Sept. 1: Through the Gates discusses journalism, languages, foreign correspondence and more with Elaine Monaghan, career journalist and professor of practice in The Media School. Listen.

Aug. 21: Through the Gates talks to Dr. Caty Pilachowski, professor and Kirkwood Chair in Astronomy at IU, about today’s solar eclipse and IU’s CelestFest event. Listen.

July 25: Through the Gates talks to Paul Mahern — rock and pop record producer, mixing and mastering engineer, singer, songwriter and IU Media School instructor. Mahern has worked with acts such as John Mellencamp, Lily & Madeleine, The Fray and Neil Young. Listen.

June 19: Through the Gates talks to David Kay of Memphis Meats, a California-based company working to change the way meat gets to your plate by producing real meat from lab-grown animal cells. Listen.

April 26: School of Education professor Adam Maltese and graduate student Joey Huang talk about “the MILL,” a creative space at IU Bloomington for tinkering, crafting, prototyping and exploring creative solutions to pedagogical problems. Listen.

April 20: Author and The New Yorker staff writer Peter Hessler discussed the cultural differences between Egyptians and the Chinese entrepreneurs who have set up shop in towns along the Nile. Listen.

April 12: Author and Boston University professor William McKeen talks about his new book, Everybody Had an Ocean, as well as the music and mayhem of the 1960s. Listen.

April 5: NPR producer Julie Snyder talks about binge-worthy journalism and her experiences with S-Town and Serial, two of the most successful podcast programs in recent history. Listen.

April 3: Syndicated columnist E.J. Dionne chats about polarization and politics during this podcast, recording when he was on campus for our Speaker Series. Listen.

March 29: New York Times columnist and IU Poynter Center Chair Roger Cohen discusses post-election politics and the importance of investigative journalism. Listen.

March 8: The new Indiana University Archives and the Primary Source Immersion Program will help faculty integrate primary sources into courses and foster students’ information literacy skills. IU Director of University Archives Dina Kellams and Meg Meiman, who oversees teaching and learning at IU Libraries, describe the new program. Listen.

Feb. 27: William Kristol, founder and editor-at-large of The Weekly Standard, visited the IU Bloomington campus as part of the Toqueville Program to speak about the state of contemporary politics and the chances of a new political center at the university. Here, he chats with Dean James Shanahan for Through the Gates. Listen.

Feb. 22: Brittany Friesner, associate director of the IU Cinema, and Jesse Pasternak, a junior at IU and the co-president of the Indiana Student Cinema Guild, discuss the Oscars, why they’re important, and their cultural impact. Listen.

Feb. 15:  Justin R. Garcia, associate director for research and education at the Kinsey Institute and Ruth N. Halls assistant professor of gender studies, discusses Match.com’s Singles in America survey, the nature of modern dating and technology’s impact on intimacy. Listen.

Feb. 8: Professor Aurelian Craiutu of the IU Department of Political argues that moderation is a virtue for all seasons, but that it’s urgently needed in times of polarization. He discusses his new book, Faces of Moderation: The Art of Balance in an Age of Extremes. Listen.

Feb. 1: Through the Gates talks with Morgan Mohr, a senior at Indiana University Bloomington studying political science, history and feminist policy. Morgan recently was named a 2017 Rhodes Scholar. Listen.

Jan. 25: Linda Smith, Distinguished Professor and Chancellor’s Professor of psychological and brain sciences, discusses “Learning: Brains, Machines, and Children,” IU’s first Emerging Areas Research Initiative. Listen.

Jan. 18: Elizabeth Cullen Dunn, associate professor in IU’s School of Global and International Studies, discusses the experiences and lessons learned during the development of her upcoming book, Permanently Temporary: Humanitarianism and displacement in the Republic of Georgia. Listen.


Dec. 7: Filippo Menczer, professor in the School of Informatics and Computing, talks about one of the election season’s hottest topics: the rise of Twitter bots. Listen.

Nov. 28: Glenn Gass, Provost Professor of Music at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, talks about Elvis Presley, the Beatles, and the history of rock music and the rock era. Listen.

Oct. 31: SPEA professor of practice Paul Helmke and senior lecturer and debate coach Brian DeLong weigh in on debates during the 2016 election cycle. Listen.

Oct. 24: John Nieto Phillips, IU associate vice provost for faculty development and diversity, discusses the challenge of increasing campus diversity among faculty and students. Listen.

Oct. 17: Tom and Kelley French talk about their book, Juniper: The Girl Who Was Born Too Soon. Listen.

Oct. 12: Media School associate professor Nicole Martins talks about her work on the effects of media on children, including ways gender, body image and interpersonal violence are affected by media use. Listen.

Oct. 5: Professors Bernard Fraga and Sandra Shapshay talk about their work on the All In Campus Democracy Challenge, a national voting initiative focused on improving democratic engagement on college campuses. Listen.

Sept. 26: Doctoral student Jess Tompkins and others discuss gaming and sexualization of female characters. Listen.

Sept. 25: Monika Herzig, jazz recording artist and lecturer in SPEA’s Arts Management program, talks about jazz legend David Baker, jazz education and women in jazz. Listen.

Sept. 18: Professor Abdulkader Sinno discusses topics ranging from the portrayal of Muslims in popular culture to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim citizens in the U.S. Listen.

Sept. 4: Meet Keith Caton, IU football strength and conditioning coach. Listen.

Aug. 28: Vice Provost for Arts and Humanities Ed Comentale and the Arts and Humanities Council are introducing First Thursdays, a monthly festival on IU’s campus featuring music, art and food. Listen.

Aug. 21: Melanie Payne, IU’s director of new student orientation, tries to ensure that everyone feels at home at IU. Listen.

Aug. 14: Hear professor Michael Adams on his book, In Praise of Profanity. Listen.

Aug. 7: Our guest is Nancy Wexler, a leading geneticist and neuropsychologist whose research led to the identification of the Huntington’s disease gene. Listen.

July 31: A discussion on drawing and the brain with T. Kelly Wilson, architect and director of the Indiana University Center for Art and Design in Columbus. Listen.

July 24: Biochemistry professor Matthew Bochman talks about the chemistry of craft beer. Listen.

July 10: Hear Eileen Julien, IU professor and director of the Institute for Advanced Study, discuss “Recasting Lives in African Cities.” Listen.

June 26: Guest is David C. Williams, the executive director of the Center for Constitutional Democracy and the John S. Hastings Professor of Law in the Maurer School of Law. Listen.

June 12: IU swim coach Ray Looze and swimmers Lilly King, and Blake Pieroni talk about the program and their hopes for the Olympics. Listen.

May 29: Trevor Douglas, the Earl Blough Professor of Chemistry in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Chemistry, and author Dana Johnson, an associate professor of English at the University of Southern California, are this week’s guests. Listen.

May 15: Sue Carter, the director of IU’s Kinsey Institute, talks about current research and future goals at the institute. Listen.

May 8: Former Indiana Congressman Lee Hamilton discusses his new book, his career in Washington and the state of American politics today. Listen.

May 1: Associate professor Murray McGibbon discusses his “original pronunciation” production of Shakespeare’s King Lear. Listen.

April 24: Professor of practice Robby Benson. Listen.

April 17: Actor Jonathan Banks. Listen.

April 10: IU baseball coach Chris Lemonis. Listen.

April 3: Guest is David Brenneman, the new director of the Indiana University Art Museum. Listen.

March 28: Patten Lecturer James C. Scott talks about domestication and its effects on humans and governments. Listen.

March 20: Dean Jim Shanahan talks with Leslie Fasone and Patrick Holbrook about their work on the Culture of Care initiative at IU. Listen.

March 13: Miss the season so far? Get caught up with our spring break recap. Listen.

March 6: Chat with Latin jazz musicians and IU instructors Wayne Wallace and Michael Spiro. Listen.

Feb. 28: Interviews with Jeffrey Buchman, stage director for the Jacobs School of Music’s upcoming production of Carmen, and Jacobs graduate student Patricia Illera, who will perform the opera’s title role. Listen.

Feb. 21: Women in technology, with CEWiT director Maureen Biggers and IU first lady Laurie Burns McRobbie. Listen.

Feb. 14: A chat with IU Provost Lauren RobelListen.

Feb. 7: Long-form narrative journalism with professor of practice Tom French. Listen.

Jan. 31: A conversation with poet Kate Lilley. Listen.

Jan. 24: A conversation with Rick Van Kooten and Fred Cate, IU vice provost and vice president for research, respectively. Listen.


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