Meet Our Alumni: M.A., M.S.

Master of Arts

Daniel Comiskey, BGS’98, BA’00, MA’05, Indianapolis Monthly

Daniel S. Comiskey is the deputy editor of Indianapolis Monthly, a magazine with 200,000 readers. He has written long-form features, edited cover packages and served as the publication’s interim editor-in-chief. Comiskey’s job has taken him to sperm banks, across the country in a semi truck and inside New York City Hall. “It’s a strange and wonderful career,” he said.

Sehvilla Mann, MA’13, reporter for WMUK at Western Michigan University


While earning her master’s in journalism from IU, Sehvilla Mann produced stories about environmental issues and other topics for WFIU and WTIU, earning three awards from the Indiana Chapter of Society of Professional Journalists. Before pursuing her master’s degree, she was a producer at NPR affiliate WYSO radio in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Today, Mann is the local government and education reporter for WMUK radio at Western Michigan University.

“The journalism education I received at IU guides every day of my work as a professional reporter,” she said. “It was my professors at IU who taught me to ‘FOIA the leaders,’ to understand the difference between ‘repeating’ the messages people give you and ‘reporting’ meaningfully on an issue. My internship at WFIU-WTIU gave me invaluable reporting experience and opened the door to full-time work in public radio.”

Raju Narisetti, MA’91, News Corporation

Raju Narisetti is a senior vice president, strategy, for News Corporation. For 13 years, Narisetti was an editor and deputy managing editor at The Wall Street Journal. He left to launch Mint, an Indian business newspaper with an integral online component. The Washington Post lured him back to the U.S. as its managing editor in charge of Web operations. He joined News Corporation in 2013. 

Master of Science

Jenna Hoffstein, MS’11, now working at her own studio, Little Worlds Interactive

hoffstein-webWhile at IU, Hoffstein was able to explore a huge variety of games, from ARGs to MMOs to mobile games—giving her the chance to explore all that the game industry has to offer. Two years ago, after having landed internships and networked with the right people, she decided to open her own design studio in Boston that explores ways in which games can have a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Their first game, The Counting Kingdom, won multiple awards.

“My time at IU firmly anchored my design knowledge while letting me be comfortable exploring different genres and platforms as the industry changes from year to year,” she said.

Phoebe Elefante, MS’10 (management concentration), now working as a freelance game writer

For Elefante, the mentorships she formed with her professors and the relationships she built with classmates helped launch her into a career she loves. “It helps me navigate the total insanity of creative work in general, and freelancing in particular,” she said. “I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be where I am without IU.”

Moises Montenegro, MS’09 (management concentration), now working as senior interactive developer at Roundarch Isobar

montenegro-webMontenegro switched back and forth between M.A. and M.S. programs during his time at IU and he saw this challenge as “fruitful.” He notes that he made lifelong friends during his program at IU telecom. “Even, in this time of persistent distraction and ubiquitous noise, IU is like a beacon,” he said. “I never feel lost because I feel connected.”

Folasade (Sade) Oshinubi, MS’12 (management concentration), now working as an honors attorney at the FCC

oshinubi-webOshinubi saw early on the importance of media market knowledge in the realm of communication law, especially at the Federal Communication Commission. After an internship experience at the FCC, she decided to pair her JD with an MS in Media Management in order to better serve and understand her clients’ needs.

“I gained a well-rounded perspective on the telecom industry through the MS program in the Telecom Department at IU,” she said. “I could not have obtained this grounding with just my JD.”

Jennifer Talbott, MS’12 (management concentration), now working as social media and assistant producer intern at Seriously!

By pursuing a master’s degree at IU Telecom, Talbott learned how to use her “logical, left-brain skills in collaboration with right-brain creativity.” 

“On completing my degree, I had real experience working on and managing an array of media products — from websites to a board game to a 30-minute documentary — as well as the theoretical background that I could immediately apply to my next endeavors,” she said.

Libao Tao, MS’01 (management concentration), now working in media research at Nielsen, Greater China

For Tao, a philosophy of telecommunications class opened his eyes to the complexity of the media industry. From that class on, he used his newfound media knowledge to eventually land a career at Nielson in China.

“From producing TV programs to running China’s first pay-channels, and now running a research team for the media and advertisers, I must say I benefited from learning at IU in every step of my career,” he said.

Bing Wang, MS’11 (management concentration), now working as a global investigation consultant at Navigant Consulting

bing-wang-webAfter quitting her job at Financial Times in Beijing, Wang came to IU to learn skills that she could take anywhere in the world. While she works in business now, she credits the methodologies and critical thinking skills she learned at IU for her easy transition.

“The program not only significantly broadened my vision but also provided me with the greatest flexibility to explore my interests in business and other disciplines,” she said. “It also extended my social network by establishing friendships with classmates across the world.”