Alumni: 1960s

Staying in touch with old friends and professors also is a way to stay in touch with The Media School. Check out these Class Notes by era.


John Potter, BS’60, retired in 2004 after working in television for 44 years. He began as a page at NBC and retired after his 23rd year producing the People’s Choice Awards on CBS. He has since written six novels, including Honorbound and Hold Your Horses, all available on Amazon. He lives in Arizona with his wife and is working on his seventh novel. (August 2016)

Anita (Essex) Gyojin Cherlin, BAJ’67, returned to Columbus, Indiana, in 2010 after 42 years in California, most recently working at Stanford Hospital in Silicon Valley. She devotes much of her time in Columbus to the Democratic party of Bartholomew County, working to get candidates elected. (March 2017)

Craig Klugman, BA’67, is retiring after 33 years as editor of the Journal Gazette in Fort Wayne. Klugman has led the paper to numerous awards, including the Hoosier State Press Association’s Blue Ribbon Newspaper of the Year award. He was inducted into the Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame in 2009. (December 2015)

Dave McAllister, BA’67, retired in 2004 from a public affairs specialist position with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C. He lives in Minden, Nevada, during the summer with his husband, Dick Beamer, and in Palm Springs, California, in the winter. He travels internationally often and enjoys volunteering in a number of capacities. (October 2017)

Tom Newby, BA’68, retired after 18 years as a judicial law clerk at the Indiana Court of Appeals. “I now spend most of my time in New York City, because I can,” he said. (April 2017)

Charles Sachs, BS’68, became interested in the historic sinking of the Titanic when he was in fifth grade at the Madison School in South Bend and has flourished into a career of expertise. While studying Radio TV at IU, he even produced a short film about the Titanic for one of his courses.

Since graduating from IU, Sachs has been a consultant on the feature film Raise the Titanic, helped research for the expedition that found the sunken ship, and was a major character in the IMAX film Titanica, which followed his expedition crew to uncover artifacts from the ship. He established the Oceanic Navigation Research Society, a nonprofit dedicated to the study of the history of ocean liner travel. Pictures from his collection have appeared in publications such as National Geographic, Art and Antiques and Compass, and he has lectured on more than 70 cruises. (March 2016)

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