Scott Stewart

Hometown: Carmel, IN

Major: Sport Communications – Broadcast

Years at IU: 2011-2015

What he did at IU: When I got down to Bloomington, all I wanted to do was work in that athletics environment. I started out helping produce a show at WIUX and writing small, niche soccer articles for IUSportCom. Eventually, both roles evolved as I hosted a show with a few other members of IU Sports Media and covered IU Men’s Soccer and the English Premier League. Sticking with both outlets through my entire time in Bloomington could not have been more of a blessing as they allowed me to spew nonsense about my love for soccer and explore different ways to then help the game grow as a result. In addition, I was lucky enough to work for IU Athletics as the play-by-play broadcaster for IU Women’s Soccer, as well as for BTN Student U, the best student-run sports production in the country.

What he does now: I’m fortunate enough to now serve as the Director of PR & Media for Louisville City FC, a club in the United Soccer League, after two years with Indy Eleven in Indianapolis. My day-to-day tasks vary widely, but the all-encompassing version of the position has me responsible for overseeing our public relations & content strategy, pitching and managing all local and national media hits for players and coaching staff, taking the lead in all written external communications, and running all team-related accounts on social media. It’s a dream to be able to be involved at a level like this in America’s Sport of the Future Since 1972.

What advice he has for sports media students: Network. Network. Network. Get out of your comfort zone, shake a few hands, and collect more than a few business cards. Being able to drop a line somewhere in the future rarely hurts. That, and just be ready to work hard in general. No matter your focus, sports is an extremely competitive industry – something I’m sure you’ve been told over and over again. But, it’s competitive, not impossible. Stay true to your goal.