Sports Journalism at IU

Sports media is a rapidly growing industry that taps into our national passion for sports, connecting fans more closely than ever with their favorite players and teams. At The Media School, you’ll learn the skills you need to be a part of the industry, whether you’re an aspiring sideline reporter or would-be video producer.

Our program provides the resources of a major Big Ten university in a learning environment that gives you all the individual attention, feedback and interaction of a small school. And you’ll join a passionate and thriving community of fellow sports media enthusiasts.

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Center News

SMG: Relentlessly Competitive and the Sports Ethic

We’ve all met that person (or, in lower moments, been that person) who has been the sore loser at a game light. They’re not popular people. They’re not people whom you want in your life. We mock these people.

Except when they’re athletes. Then, we celebrate them.