Wounded Galaxies brings DIY movie-making to First Thursdays

Anna Howell • Sept. 12, 2017

From 1957-1972, a radical group in France attempted to make political and artistic interventions into what they called “the Spectacle,” our relationship to the commercial mediascape that surrounds us. From their tactics came culture jamming and a particular form of do-it-yourself media.

As a tribute to those artists, Wounded Galaxies hosted a table at IU’s September First Thursdays festival Sept. 7 that allowed participants to create their own movies by drawing and cutting into film stock or re-editing existing film clips and screening their finished work on a projector.

Wounded Galaxies 1968: Beneath the Paving Stones, the Beach Festival and Symposium is a festival of experimental media and academic symposium. Scheduled for Feb. 5-11, 2018, on IU’s campus, the festival will host several public events in the months leading up to the event.

Media School associate professor Joan Hawkins is a member of the event’s organizing committee. The Media School is a co-sponsor.