Four Media School doctoral candidates complete dissertations

The Media School Report • May 3, 2018

Four Media School doctoral candidates successfully defended their dissertations this spring, with topics ranging from body-positive advertising to Twitter to social identity in advertising:

Ozen Bas
Dissertation title: The potential of Twitter images for galvanizing citizens to collective action
Adviser: Betsi Grabe
Committee members: Walt Gantz, Rob Potter and Eliot Smith (PBS)
Ashley Kraus
Dissertation title: You ought to love your body: The effect of body-positive advertising on self-discrepancies, discrete emotions, and body image outcomes
Adviser: Nicole Martins
Committee members: Jessica Gall-Myrick, Dong-Chul Seo and Paul Wright
Appointment: Postdoctoral research fellow, Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing, Northwestern University

Young Eun Park
Dissertation title: Co-creation for corporate social responsibility: When and how CSR co-creation influences consumer evaluations and behavioral intentions.
Adviser: Sung-Un Yang
Committee members: Shanker Krishnan, Emily Metzgar and Nick Browning
Appointment: Assistant professor, Colorado State University

Glenna Read
Dissertation title: Social identity in advertising: News stories, phenotypic prototypicality, and model identity influence cognitive processing and evaluation of advertisements
Adviser: Rob Potter
Committee members: Anne Krendl (psychological and brain sciences), Nicole Martins and Andrew Weaver
Appointment: Assistant professor, advertising, Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at University of Georgia