Student silent films set to live music to screen Sunday

The Media School Report • Feb. 20, 2018

See Media School and Jacobs School of Music student work at the annual Double Exposure 2018 screening at 6:30 p.m. Sunday at the IU Cinema.

Students from both schools collaborate on this presentation of short silent films. Media School students in senior lecturer Susanne Schwibs’ experimental filmmaking class create the movies, and Jacobs students compose accompanying music. During the screenings, live ensembles play the compositions.

This event is free, but requires tickets. Visit the IU Auditorium box office for tickets or reserve them online.

Here are the participants:

An Idle Muse

  • Filmmakers: Katie Crump (director), Rachel Goodman and Victor Huang
  • Composer: Luis Romo
  • Sound: Evan Berg

The Follower & The Followed

  • Filmmaker: Kasey Poracky
  • Composer: Alvin Lok-Hei Tam
  • Sound: Graeme Martin

World Without End

  • Filmmakers: Timileyin Awobiyi and Dakota Taylor
  • Composer: Kathryn Jorgensen
  • Sound: Eric Wood

The Son Will Turn to Darkness

  • Filmmakers: Cara Reed (director), Kevin Olds and Sanyam Dawar
  • Composer: John Griffith
  • Sound: Jonathan Black

Triple Kill

  • Filmmakers: Li Yuqian (director) and Victor Huang
  • Composer: Tyler Habig
  • Sound: Chris Alexeev

Outside Bloomington

  • Filmmaker: Kevin Olds
  • Composer: Grace Ann Lee
  • Sound: Nathan Bercovitz

Video Eyes of Plan 9

  • Filmmaker: Caleb Allison
  • Composer: Alvin Lok-Hei Tam
  • Sound: Nathan Roseboom

A Dose of Black

  • Filmmakers: Sanyam Dawar (director) and Timileyin Awobiyi
  • Composer: Matt Ridge
  • Sound: Macey Estes

Le chrononaute et la sphère du temps: Time Sphere

  • Filmmakers: André Seewood (director), Katie Crump and Brenden Spangler
  • Composer: Johnny MacMillan
  • Sound: Matt Crawford