Sellers discusses video game connections at conference

The Media School Report • Sept. 25, 2017
Professor of practice Mike Sellers (Maggie Richards, BA'15 | The Media School)
Professor of practice Mike Sellers (Maggie Richards, BA’15 | The Media School)

Game design is all about making connections, according to a presentation professor of practice Mike Sellers gave at a video game development conference.

Sellers spoke at the Austin Game Conference on Sept. 21. His presentation, “Building Connected Experiences Using Systemic Game Design,” explored games as systemic archetypes. He discussed how despite changing technology, games are still about connections, such as connecting players with the game’s world or the game’s underlying themes.

“By broadening and deepening the player’s connections to the game, its technology and community, game designers will be better able to craft more long-lasting, engaging, commercially successful experiences,” Sellers said.