Raymer photos featured in new book on the army of Cortés

The Media School Report • Nov. 22, 2015
Steve Raymer at The Media School
Professor Steve Raymer (Courtesy photo)

Professor Steve Raymer supplied images for a new book by IU Spanish and history professor Kathleen Ann Myers.

In the Shadow of Cortes: Conversations Along the Route of Conquest, features a cover photo and 30 other documentary photographs by Raymer. The University of Arizona Press published the book earlier this month. It researches the army of Hernán Cortés, which brought great cultural and political change in Mesoamerica, and the modern relevance of its conquest.

In 2008, Raymer and Myers’ work, named “In the Shadow of Cortes: From Veracruz to Mexico City,” was exhibited at the Mathers Museum of World Cultures.

The gallery has been shown at six universities in the United States and is currently on display at the University of Kentucky.