Rao article examines caste effects on LoSHA discourse

The Media School Report • Aug. 30, 2018
Doctoral student Pallavi Rao (Courtesy photo)

An article by doctoral student Pallavi Rao appears in the latest issue of Communication, Culture & Critique.

The article, “Caste and the LoSHA Discourse,” analyzes the impact of the caste system on the academic discourse surrounding the List of Sexual Harassment Accused, an online list of men in Indian academia accused of sexual harassment. 

The article finds that discussion about the LoSHA focuses on upper-caste women and that voices of Dalit, Bahujan and Adivasi women are often missing. Rao concludes that the LoSHA discourse is an opportunity for Brahmin-savarna women to think critically about DBA women and what impact they have on feminist discussions.