Potter presents research on cognition, emotion

The Media School Report • May 10, 2017
Rob Potter
Professor Rob Potter (Maggie Richards, BA’15 | The Media School)

Professor Rob Potter presented his research during a conference on psychophysiological measures at the Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University, Denmark, May 11.

Potter was invited to present “Insights from the Hands and the Heart: How Using ECG and GSR Can Help Us Better Understand the Impact of Media on Cognition and Emotion,” at the organization’s Bootcamp on Heart Rate and Galvanic Skin Response as Measures for Assessing Human Experience.

His talked focused on the specifics of measuring heart rate via the electrocardiogram and electrodermal activity via the galvanic skin response. He included examples from the work done in the school’s Institute for Communication Research to illustrate how these peripheral psychophysiological measures help researchers understand the way media messages affect audiences.