Peifer publishes study about news parody

The Media School Report • Jan. 17, 2018

Assistant professor Jason Peifer’s study, “Liking the (Funny) Messenger: The Influence of News Parody Exposure, Mirth, and Predispositions on Media Trust,” was published in Media Psychology on Tuesday.

Assistant professor Jason Peifer (Tiantian Zhang, BAJ'15)
Assistant professor Jason Peifer (Tiantian Zhang | The Media School)

The study shows that a favorable feeling toward news parody shows, like those of Stephen Colbert or John Oliver, can translate to a positive view and trust in the media. The study also found that those with positive feelings toward news parody hosts were most nuanced among those who are least inclined to see news parodies as a legitimate news source.

Peifer’s research interests include political entertainment, news media perceptions and satire.