Parameswaran to publish paper on postcolonial communication and media studies

The Media School Report • April 20, 2018
Radhika Parameswaran

Professor and chair of journalism at The Media School Radhika Parameswaran and Sangeet Kumar, associate professor of communication at Denison University, have co-authored the paper “Charting an Itinerary for Postcolonial Communication and Media Studies” that will be published in the Journal of Communication, the flagship journal of the International Communication Association.

The Journal of Communication is a general forum for communication scholarship and publishes articles and book reviews examining a broad range of issues in communication theory and research. 

“Charting an Itinerary for Postcolonial Communication and Media Studies”, which will explore how media studies can benefit from postcolonial theory’s commitment to understanding the legacies of colonialism’s vast historical reach, will be published this year in the Journal of Communication‘s special issue Ferments in the Field. The essay points to a future research trajectory for postcolonial communication and media studies, an agenda that avoids the limitations of existing postcolonial theory and fosters a robust conversation with the larger interdisciplinary project of postcolonial studies.