Parameswaran and Rao to be published in Journalism & Communication Monographs

The Media School Report • Jan. 8, 2018
Radhika Parameswaran, The Media School
Professor Radhika Parameswaran (Maggie Richards | The Media School)

Media School professor and chair of journalism Radhika Parameswaran and doctoral student Pallavi Rao co-authored an essay that has been accepted for publication in Journalism & Communication Monographs

Doctoral student Pallavi Rao (Courtesy photo)

The piece, “Imagining, Imaging and Implementing India,” gives a critical response to Koeli Moitra Goel’s monograph, “In Other Spaces: Contestations of National Identity in ‘New’ India’s Mediascapes.”

Parameswaran and Rao both specialize in studying gender and class in India and Southeast Asia.