Local gamers collaborate to create 4 new games over weekend

The Media School Report • Feb. 1, 2018

Held from Friday to Sunday evening, Global Game Jam is one of the largest game creation events in the world. It was only the second year Bloomington’s event was held in Franklin Hall, but it was only the 10th year for the event worldwide.

This year, under the “transmission” theme, about 15 people produced four games, Media School lecturer and local site organizer Will Emigh said. Three were digital, and one was a board game.

Among these, one game involved a strategy using transmissions to space robots, and another game included monsters disrupting transmissions via walkie-talkie.

While it is important for aspiring game designers to gain more experience through this kind of event, Emigh said the communication between the participants is also an important opportunity presented by Global Game Jam. He said it helps the gamers grow socially in a “low-stakes and supportive environment.”