Learn about spring travel courses Sept. 13

The Media School Report • Aug. 30, 2017
Sarah Monnier
Sarah Monnier, BAJ’17, looks out over Paris one last time before the end of the 2016 Footsteps of Ernie Pyle trip. (Courtesy photo)

This spring, Media School field experience courses will take students to countries across the globe, including Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, France, South Korea and Chile.

To give students an overview of the courses, travel arrangements and costs, The Media School will host an informational meeting at 7 p.m. Sept. 13 in Franklin Hall 312. The meeting will cover the application process and deadlines, and the financial requirements in addition to usual costs.

Professors will talk about their courses in detail, and audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Courses with travel elements are below. Learn more by clicking the links:

  • Media in Latin America, which explores media issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. The class travels to Chile in May (Spring 2018)
  • Uncovering the Media City: Public Screen Cultures and Urban China, which looks beyond the media being presented on screens to understand how screens structure our relationships to public space and with the world. The class travels to Hong Kong and China during spring break. (Spring 2018)
  • From London to Paris: In the Footsteps of Ernie Pyle, which introduces students to the work of influential journalists during World War II, with special emphasis on Indiana native Ernie Pyle. The class travels to England and France during spring break. (Spring 2018)
  • Covering the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland, which analyzes journalistic representations of religion and gives students an opportunity to practice foreign correspondence. The class travels to Ireland and Northern Ireland during spring break. (Spring 2018)
  • Korean Sport Media and Culture, which goes behind the scenes of the aftermath of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games to study the methods behind the production and media coverage of a global sporting event. The class travels to South Korea during spring break. (Spring 2018)

To enroll in the courses, students must first apply to be admitted. The info session will cover application instructions.


  • Read blogs by students who have participated in travel courses.
  • Contact director of student services Amy Cornell at acornell@indiana.edu or 812-855-2367.