Ireri publishes survey on Kenyan journalists

The Media School Report • July 31, 2017

Kioko Ireri, PhD’15, published a study based on a national survey of Kenyan journalists in the latest issue of Journalism & Mass Communication Educator.

“Exploring Journalism and Mass Communication Training in Kenya: A National Survey,” focuses on four aspects of journalism and mass communication training in Kenya: the necessity of training in order to get a job in the media industry, which universities are most popular for journalism education, levels of training among local journalists and whether there is a need for more professional training in the industry.

Ireri found that formal training is effectively a prerequisite for entering the media industry and that most professional journalists want more training.

Ireri earned his Ph.D. in mass communications. He is now an assistant professor of journalism and mass communication at the United States International University-Africa in Nairobi.