Grant supports graduate research in journalism innovation

The Media School Report • Sept. 12, 2017
Kim hopes to continue his research in studying other influence that impact the people select their news. (Allie Hitchcock | The Media School)
Doctoral candidate Minchul Kim presents the research he conducted using the Kern Scholarship for Innovation in Journalism. (Allie Hitchcock | The Media School)

Fund your research in new concepts in journalism with the Kern Scholarship for Innovation in Journalism.

The scholarship supports projects that will encourage research and experimentation in new journalistic concepts, content and techniques, especially those that support the profession’s public affairs mission. Awards range from $1,000 to $5,000.

Recipients are expected to present their work during M600: Media Arts & Sciences Colloquium in late spring 2018.

Apply by Oct. 15. Recipients will be notified by Nov. 1.