Faculty, students, alumni publish chapters in book on psychology, games

The Media School Report • Nov. 7, 2018

A new book about evolutionary psychology’s applications to digital games features chapters by Media School faculty, students and alumni.

Assistant professor John Velez; professor Annie Lang; doctoral student Jingjing Han; doctoral student Xia Zheng; doctoral student Anthony Almond; Teresa Lynch, MA’13, PhD’17; and Nicholas Matthews, MA’11, PhD’16, are all authors in Evolutionary Psychology and Digital Games: Digital Hunter-Gatherers.

Velez’s chapter, “(Potential) Incubators of prosocial behaviors: An evolutionary approach to understanding dynamic social video game play interactions,” appears in the book’s social interaction section.

The chapter, “Learning to play: How virtual world affordances drive adaptation and learning in Grand Theft Auto,” by Lang, Han, Zheng, Almond, Lynch and Matthews appears in the learning and motivation section.

Lynch and Matthews each also have a chapter in the emotion and morality section: “Evolutionary formidability mechanisms as moderators of fear experience,” by Lynch, and “The interplay between morality and video games,” by Matthews.