El Marzouki paper on Moroccan social web in journal

The Media School Report • Nov. 30, 2016

Doctoral candidate Mohamed El Marzouki’s paper, “Citizens of the Margin: Citizenship and Youth Participation on the Moroccan Social Web,” was published in Information, Communication and Society Nov. 25.

El Marzouki combined methods of textual and discourse analyses to study Tales of Bouzebal, a YouTube web series. He used the series as an example of how marginality and social critique of bureaucracies and institutions in the context of post-Arab Spring Morocco can be expressed.

He argues in the paper that new media practices through this kind of video are best understood as practices of cultural citizenship. These practices contribute to social change through the production of counter-discursive political subjectivities, he argues.

El Marzouki said he is grateful to professor Radhika Parameswaran for her comments and feedback on previous versions of his manuscript.