Castronova game simulates new American civil war

The Media School Report • Jan. 10, 2019
Professor Ted Castronova (Maggie Richards | The Media School)

A new game published by professor Ted Castronova has an ominous message: Don’t allow political tensions in the U.S. to rise to the level of civil war.

American Abyss — available for free on Castronova’s website — simulates an American civil war in the year 2040. It’s inspired by public discussion of whether an increasingly politically divided United States could be facing a second civil war.

What would that look like?

“Nobody wins; it is a dumpster fire,” Castronova writes on his site.

American Abyss is a printable board game. It’s based on the game Andean Abyss, which was published by CIA analyst Volke Ruhnke in 2012. 

Castronova also designed a simpler version of the game, called American Abyss Student Edition.