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The Media School Report • April 18, 2017

work-resume-featAre you an aspiring reporter, writer, designer, photographer or videographer who wants to build your experience level and your portfolio? Join the school’s student communications team and be on the inside track of school events and activities while producing content for the school. (Check out the school’s  news page and YouTube channel to see examples of the team’s past work.)

What we need:

Writers/content specialists:

Develop ideas for website content, gather information, write stories and report on people and events at the school. (Summer and fall)


  • Must have reporting experience in journalism production classes such as 812 The Magazine or Words and Pictures OR
  • Experience working for campus media such as Indiana Daily Student, Arbutus or Inside magazine OR
  • An internship where you used these skills.

Apply using this online form.

Research content specialists:
Your beat is school research news, from reporting on research talks and presentations to writing updates about faculty and student publications and professional activities.

Requirements: Proven reporting experience for newspapers, magazines or websites. Ability to translate academic writing (such as abstracts) into mainstream news language. If you already are a graduate student at the school and have clear writing skills, this position is an excellent opportunity. A few hours mid-day on Fridays are mandatory.  (Fall)

Apply using this online form.

Develop ideas, shoot, edit and create short videos about events and people at the school.

Requirements: Must have experience in production courses (with references from the instructors) OR professional internships or work experience. (Fall)

Apply using this online form.

Capture images ranging from dynamic news photos to professional portraits.

Requirements: Advanced photography courses (with instructor references) OR professional work experience or internships. (Summer and fall)

Apply using this online form.

Design specialist:

Work with the school’s professional designer Arturo Contreras on a variety of projects for print, web and digital displays. (Summer and fall)


  • Intermediate knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
  • Basic knowledge/skills in photography and illustration.
  • Ability to brainstorm and develop concepts.
  • Good communication and time management.
  • Bonus skills (not required): video editing, coding, project management tools, social media management.

Interested? Submit your resume and portfolio (cover letter optional) to Contreras via email.

What you’ll receive:

  • $10.15 per hour and flexible scheduling. Hours per week may range from five to 15, depending on the work load and your availability. Hours include daytime, a few evening and very limited weekends as coverage is strictly within The Media School.
  • Guidance and editing from experienced professionals who lead the school’s communications team.
  • Collaboration with the other team members, with whom you’ll work in constantly changing small teams. The full team will meet at least once a week in September through mid-November.
  • Professional experience (and a glowing reference if you do well!) and portfolio material for your resume.


  • In-person interviews may be during finals week and/or during the first week of fall classes. We’ll schedule them through email.
  • To be considered, submit your application by April 24. 
  • Contact Gena Asher, the school’s digital content manager, if you have questions.