Crumble: The Convenient Cafe

In college, Conveniency is key. As is coffee. And when it comes to college students, these are the perfect match. At Crumble Coffee & Bakery, comfort is known to be a staple for those doing work, whether it be students or adults/locals. Located on College Avenue, just off of 10th street, this is the only coffee shop within multiple blocks which can be made useful to those living off campus and especially to those in the surrounding area. Crumble provides a relaxing and memorable experience, come find out how/why!

The HydroFlask

Are you sick of your water changing from ice-cold to room temperature in a matter of a couple hours? How much do you hate it when your coffee doesn’t stay warm on a freezing day? There can’t possibly be a water bottle that keeps your form of hydration cold or hot all day long–right? HyrdroFlask is a carefully engineered, heavily insulated, water bottle that stays at the temperature you want it to for up to twenty hours. HydroFlask satisfies your needs, allows you to do whatever, whenever, while being able to your live fullest life without having to worry about whether you’ll be drinking warm water at the gym or cold coffee on the way to work.

Paint B-Town

IU Greek Organization, Delta Zeta throws a different type of fall philanthropy, Something that has never been scene before. Hundreds of students come out and support the sorority on campus and managed to raise more than the chapter could have ever imagined. The sorority had come together with fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi and set up a night of excitement in B-Town.

The Corporate Relations Committee

The Indiana University Dance Marathon is a yearlong fundraiser effort that benefits Riley Hospital for Children. The 36-hour dance marathon during which over 3,000 IU students remain awake and standing to honor the children at Riley and “stand for those who cannot.” The growing number of participants has lead the marathon to divide into committees and teams with some certain delegated tasks. One of these dedicated committees is the Corporate Relations Committee. This committee leads the search in business sponsors and has high hopes to retain them. They invest time to reaching out to companies and to building more than a committee but, a family within their group. Although, everything they really do is all FOR THE KIDS, FTK.

Behind the Scenes: ADPi Bike Team

Every year, during the third weekend in April, Bloomington residents and Indiana University students gather for one big event—Little 500. Little 500 consists of two races, the men’s race and the women’s race. After qualifications, 33 teams consisting of minimum of four riders each compete head-to-head in the women’s race. This year Grace Skorin, third year rider for Alpha Delta Pi, will compete. Who else will join her depends on how each member progresses this training season. Rookie, Rachel Cogen, is hopeful that she will be one of them.

An Unexpected Career

This video features Allison Papenfuss who is currently the only female strength coach employed through Indiana University Athletics. This video shows the importance of Allison as not only a strength coach but a mentor for the athletes she is coaching. The video highlights how the weight room has become a sanctuary for the athletes that need a break form their hectic day-to-day lives as D1 athletes.