Never Too Young

Never say you’re too young. I had a chance to spend a day and talk with Keon Brown at Foster Quad in Bloomington,In who is beating all odds being a certified Indiana University Police Officer and a Indiana University Spring 17 Graduate all at the age of just 22.  Being a police officer is definitely hard work from the outside looking in but this was something Brown knew he wanted to do since the very young age of 5. Inspired by McGruff the Crime Dog after he talked to his kindergarten class about safety, Brown never lost sight on learning and applying what it would take to be the one to prevent crime someday.


Passion For An Orchard


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They say a picture could tell 1000 words. Well an experience can tell a million if that’s the case. I was at the grocery store about a week ago and I noticed that there was a whole section dedicated to Apple Cider. Given the time of year, it made sense. Bringing people together for nearly 85 years, Musgrave Orchard connects people with Apple Cider, and more. Located in Bloomington, Indiana, Musgrave is a local business that has thrived in the state and takes great pride in how it runs its business. Come take a look at how Andy Hamilton and his family have been able to keep the tradition and feel of the special and unique landmark (apple orchard).

Bloomington’s Bloomingfoods


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“Bloomingfoods is making great strides in making ownership and membership more available to people,” explains Grace Beilfield, an Indiana University junior and worker at Bloomington’s own co-op, Bloomingfoods. “For example, there are reduced rates for those customers that are eligible for EBT snack benefits as well as WIC benefits. The other one is democratic owner control, so as an owner of the co-op you’re allowed to vote in yearly elections to decide who serves board of the co-op and your voice will also be heard in terms of opening new stores.”



Indiana University Senior, Taylor Adams, has a passion for football. Taylor has been a Recruiting Assistant for Hoosier Football the last four years and it has been the best decision she has made while being here at Indiana. From getting to experience tons of unique things, making tons of friends, and creating thousands of memories, Taylor will this most once she graduates this month.

Namaste at IU

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College life can be stressful at times. Trying to balance school work, sleep, a social life, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle may seem nearly impossible. Thankfully, there is a solution for relieving this stress: yoga. Yoga is a physical activity unlike any other, and students can incorporate yoga into their day-to-day lives by signing up for Pre-Yoga, Yoga I, or Yoga II through the IU School of Public Health. In these classes, students not only practice yoga, but also learn about different positions and philosophies within the practice.

“Give My Regards to Broadway”

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Singer, songwriter and pianist Ann Hampton-Callaway is no stranger to the spotlight. The Tony-nominated songstress hails from New York, and spends her days traveling from city to city showcasing her powerful voice and equally powerful spirit. A trusted lyricist for Barbra Streisand and a performer in the original cast of the jazz musical Swing!, Ann is accustomed to performing in front of thousands of eager and generously paying fans. On Saturday, September 23rd, 2017, Ann took time out of her hectic schedule to volunteer her talent for a different kind of Broadway audience—the members of the Broadway United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Fall Ballin’

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Anybody that has tuned into ESPN any given Saturday night knows UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen: once a top recruit and now a top NFL prospect. Rosen recently came under fire for his comments about being a student-athlete. In an interview with Bleacher Report, he was asked about the challenge of juggling class and football. He responded, “Football and school don’t go together. They just don’t. Trying to do both is like trying to do two full-time jobs…Human beings don’t belong in school with our schedules. No one in their right mind should have a football player’s schedule, and go to school.” This is not just true for football players; this is true for all Division I student-athletes.