Bloomington Country Club Bar and Restaurant

At Bloomington Country Club bar and Restaurant, members come to enjoy good food and good service. Behind the scenes, the managers give a look at how operations go and discuss what they emphasize at the restaurant.

Campus Outreach at Indiana University

Campus Outreach is a local ministry at Indiana University that seeks to share the name and grace of Jesus Christ with students on campus. Their goal is to make disciples who go out and make more disciples through the act of sharing testimonies of life change that  were experienced through individuals coming to know Christ as lord and savior. They work to be a source of light on campus and to love people for Jesus’ sake.

From Trash to Treasure

Artists Joanie Drizin and her son Josh hail out of Noblesville, Indiana. Together, they convert scraps of metal into intricate sculptures. Joanie’s business: Girly Steel Studios, aims to create unique and affordable art that reflects the natural beauty of the environment. Joanie often travel to festivals around the country to display and sell their creations.