Logan Ferise

Logan Ferise is a sophomore at Indiana University working towards a dual degree in Journalism and Arabic. He is also the marketing director at Precious Words Africa, a nonprofit focused on building libraries and schools in west Africa. He hopes to work in photojournalism after graduation.

Projects by lferise

The Working Man’s Cafe: Gatesville Country Store

The Gatesville Country Store was described by owner Robin Stevens as a “Working Man’s Cafe.” Robin and her husband Doug have a unique small-town charm and geological know-how you will not find anywhere else. The Gatesville Country Store sells everything from prospecting equipment to home-cooked food for tourists and townies alike.

Now in Technicolor: For a Limited Time Only

If you could leave reality, would you?

Legal versions of illegal drugs are created every year and sold on the “grey market.” Named after the legal grey area it utilizes, these online markets will ship a “research chemical” to your doorstep as long as you promise no humans will be using it.

In the past year, a legal version of LSD called 1P-LSD has emerged and grown in popularity.

“I do it because I like the new perspective it gives me. It gives me a lot of time to think and do introspection on myself and the world I guess,” said a student who asked not to be identified.

Similar to its illegal counterpart, 1P-LSD is classified as a hallucinogenic drug meaning it distorts or changes one’s visual and mental reality.

“Visually, if I look at anything with some sort of pattern it starts to swirl into itself and if I look at anything for long enough it starts to move,” a student said.

“There is an arch. It’s really fast in the beginning. You go from like a 0 to a 10 and you stay at a 10 for a couple hours then you slowly come down. The first 3 hours are the craziest though. It’s like what everyone says the high is like and how it looks in the movies. And on the comedown side of it, you’re still very out of it but you’re not as out of your body…you’re way more present on the comedown. That’s when all the introspection happens,” said another student who asked not to be identified.

The legal grey area only stays grey for so long, thus, 1P-LSD will likely be outlawed in the coming years after the FDA finishes investigating it.

“I honestly don’t believe it should be legal because there is no purpose to it other than the high itself, and sometimes I don’t know if those have a place in the world…or at least no legal place in the world. There are no medicinal qualities that I am aware of,” a student said.