Lily Bunis-Haines

Lily Bunis-Haines is an IU sophomore majoring in Biology. She currently works in a research lab looking at root decomposition and likes going to events. She has five cats and does not trust horses.

Projects by Lily Bunis-Haines

Made in Artisan Alley

Artisan Alley has been connecting local artists and the community since 2014. They recently moved to a new location on 2nd St, which features their consignment store, MADE, as well as spaces where artists have set up their own shops, such as a voodoo shop and a barber. Their other location on Rogers features tools that members can check out to work on wood, metalsmithing, and other projects. It’s a very interesting space with something to offer to anyone who steps inside.

Women on Horses Distributing Lances

Somewhere in Bowling Green, IN, surrounded by cornfields and forest, two horses and their riders race at each other with a giant stick in one hand and a wooden shield in the other. There’s the pounding of hooves, a loud smack, and then the applause of the crowd. This is jousting with the Knights of the Rose on a ninety-degree September day.

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