Hongxuan Mou

Hello everyone, my name is Hongxuan Mou. I am a junior studying Public Relations in the Media School, IU. I like delicious food and I am a big cooking fun. Contact me at: homou@iu.edu

Projects by Hongxuan Mou

The Mahjong of China

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Mahjong is a Chinese traditional game and it had been played thousands years. Chinese people like play Mahjong and it help them to relax. Liu Chang is a professional mahjong player and he played this game for more than 10 years. Let’s see what is his story with Mahjong.

Your Best Video Game Machine–Nintendo Switch

Nowadays, video game becomes one of the significant element to people’s life, especially for teenagers and college students. When young people were feeling depressed and exhausted by their works and tests, game is the best way for them to relax. However, with the development of the technologies, there are too many ways for teenagers to play games. Because of this, what is the best game machine that can bring the game players the best experience? This video can give you the answer!

Chinese Traditional Mahjong Game

With upset and angry in his eyes, Chang Liu goes to the bathroom and washes his face. He really needs cold water to calm himself down. He cannot believe what just happened. He is supposed to be the winner and enjoy his free dinner but now he not only loses it but also has to pay for three other people’s dinner. When he returns to the table, he could not hold his mood.  “Do you know the probability of a hands of Kokushi Musuo?” said Liu. “Only 0.039%!”

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