Emilia Miles

Hello! I am Emilia Miles and I am a junior at Indiana University. My major is broadcast journalism with a minor in fashion design. I love taking pictures of my friends and family for my fashion blog. I hope you enjoy my picture story!

Projects by Emilia Miles

We Are Live, Hoosiers

Imagine having to produce two shows in less than two hours every Tuesday night. Could you do it? Indiana University Student Television (IUSTV) members are always up for the challenge. Starting with a pitch meeting at 5:30 p.m., Lauren Becker, IUSTV’s senior producer, heads the meeting with new announcements and comments on how to make the upcoming show better than the last. Be ready to pitch a story or pick up one because Lauren definitely expects everyone to partake in a show every week. Lauren explains, “We are like a family here at IUSTV. We think of a pitch meeting to be like dividing up chores to do around the house. If someone comes to a meeting every week and does not pick up anything, then they are not helping out the family.”

There are people who are in front of the camera and then there are those who are behind the scenes. Those people are known as the tech crew. The tech crew not only runs the teleprompter to the speed of how the anchor’s speaks, but they also insert graphics when prompted to, adjusts the sound so that the microphones are not too loud, and makes sure the cameras are in focus and in perfect frame. Christian Luna, senior technical producer, is not only in charge of his crew doing their jobs correctly, but editing both shows in a two-day span. As a returning junior member of IUSTV, Luna expects big things to happen with the show when it comes to the technical side of things.

Hoosier News Source (HNS) and What’s Up Weekly (WUW) are the two shows that are shot. HNS focuses more on hard-hitting news that goes on around Bloomington and on campus, while WUW focuses on all things entertainment and fashion. These two shows are broadcasted on campus cable and on YouTube.

Six o’clock rolls around and it is show time. HNS anchor’s get into their seats where they are miked up by audio. Sound check follows after the cameras are put into frame. Last minute advice is given by Becker to calm down the anchors before they go on air. “Even if you mess up, just keep chugging through,” Becker says. Since they only have two hours to pull through with a 15-minute show, there is only a small room for mess-ups.

Good nerves are flowing through the control room and studio. They hear, “We are live in 3…2…1…” No turning back now, it is show time!