Brooke Ellis

Brooke Ellis is a junior at Indiana University. She is studying Journalism and Public Relations. After IU, Ellis hopes to attend law school.

Projects by Brooke Ellis

Revlon “Everything Proof” Eyeliner

Almost every woman has experienced the sad reality of having her eyeliner ruined. After we finish doing our makeup we always feel incredible. The feeling once we notice our eyeliner is already ruined 10 minutes after finishing our makeup is horrible. Revlon eyeliner guarantees that you will never have to experience that gut wrenching feeling again. Our patented formula and brush allows you to get the perfect flick while staying on for hours!

Weight Lifting Builds Confidence and Muscle

Allison Witucki is a bodybuilder attending Indiana University. She started lifting weights her senior year of high school after an ACL tear ended her soccer career. Witucki trains almost everyday at the Iron Pit Gym in Bloomington, IN.

“Weight lifting helped me become more confident in myself. I realized I could be strong and independent,” said Witucki.

Witucki has two main messages for young women: don’t be afraid to lift heavy and it’s possible to be girly and strong. Witucki is breaking the stereotype that women can’t be feminine and muscular. 

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