Caroline Calero

Hi my name is Caroline Calero, and I study Media and Advertisement at Indiana University.

Projects by Calero Caroline

Velia and Miguel’s Wedding in Querétaro

Misión Juriquilla is a beautiful, historical hacienda in Querétaro, Mexico. It was founded as a hacienda in the 18th century and became a golf course and residential area in the 1970’s. My cousin on my mother’s side, Velia Dominguez just got married to Miguel Reyes on September 28th in this historical hacienda. They planned an exquisite traditional, Mexican, Catholic wedding, which begins with a mass service by a priest, and ends with both bride and groom being covered by the bride’s vale and rosary, as they exchange vows and say, “I do.” This was my third time being in Mexico, but my first time to Querétaro. Being able to visit all my cousins and aunts at the wedding was a trip I’ll never forget.

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