Anthony Rodman

About the author: Anthony Rodman is a 19 year old Sophomore at Indiana University. He’s currently in the Media School majoring in Cinema and Media Arts — Studies and Production pursuing a minor in Marketing through the Kelley School Of Business.

Projects by Anthony Rodman

Issa VIVE : Virtual Reality The Future of Gaming


On Thursday September 28th, 2017 students in MSCH-G290 (Virtual Reality Production) demoed their Virtual Reality game design in class. The purpose of this assignment was for students to create experiences in VR that would otherwise be impossible in real life. As a student in this class my group decided to create a Superhero Simulator where the player could shrink to the size of an ant or grow as big as a giant at the touch of a button. We also decided to add laser vision and superhuman strength to give the player the best possible experience based off our vision. We decided that most superhero movies and comics take place in bigger cities so we created a “New York City” type environment using Unity, a game design program.

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