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“Come here my good boy”, with favor and smile on her face, Chloe fetches her beloved horse out from stable, “His name is Sunny”. He is a tall and strong horse, I was surprised by his physique at first, “He is the tallest one in our stable”, said Chloe.

As a member of school Equestrian Team, Chloe comes to Crimson Stable at least three days a week to finish her training and work. She begun her equestrian training since Sophomore year in IU. Talks about why she choose equestrian, she mentions her mother, who loves riding and has done this for years. “Riding is already in my blood, I can barely imagine me without riding” Laughing by Chloe, her eyes sinks in to recollect. “Sunny is my gift from my Mom, he has been with me for more than ten years.” Sitting on the grass next to Sunny, Chloe starring at her horse softly. Sunny looks very curious about the sudden visitor, he keeps moving towards my legs when he is eating.

After a brief snack time for Sunny, Chloe decides to show me some basic actions by riding him. She brought us to the training ground, which has some hurdles in the middle. It is a sunny day with high temperature, Chloe chose to ride Sunny without saddle, because she does not want him sweat too much. “Those saddles are super heavy and thick, because most of them were made with leather” By patting Sunny gently, Chloe starts riding around the training ground. She leans her body close to horseback and tightens her legs, they run faster and faster. Sunny has dark shining fur with some white spots, his beautiful hair is flying in the air with his movement. He reminds me of the character of Black Beauty, a novel written by Anna Sewell, with the same gorgeous shapes and fine, intelligent eyes.

They end their performance with an elegant and successful jump of hurdle. Chloe strokes Sunny’s neck tenderly, and then jumps off. She looks proud and happy, even her face shiny with sweat. “He has a fine spirit” She takes Sunny back to his room, and prepares her job of feeding all the horses in this stable. They take turns to feed horses, and today is Chloe’s shift.

There are plenty of horses living in this stable, and each of them has its own name. Some of them were brought by team members, such like Sunny, and the other part of them, were bought or given from other owners. Chloe showed me a thin brown horse who arrived just few days ago. He was little bit ill and he lost his shoe on his left back leg. “He is a nice and quiet little guy,” said Chloe. Equestrian team members treat all of them equally. Each horse has its own equipment, such like saddle, and those equipments are all hanging in an equipment room, with name on each of them.

“They are my best friends on the earth,” said Chloe, she puts bunches of grass into the cart and feeds horses one by one. The sunshine is getting through cracks and falling on her face, she looks peaceful but steadfast, “I wish I could continue do this in rest of my life.”