Japonee Express Magazine Design

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Japonee Express is a fast food and dining restaurant located in 530 E Kirkwood Ave #105 in the  Bloomington. It’s located right across from the Sample Gate. Japonee Express is one of the earliest Japanese restaurant in this town, it’s in a prime place and easily caught students, faculties and visitors attentions to go inside and eat. This restaurant has been known for its outstanding and excellent Japanese cuisine, best service and generous staffs. And every food they prepared is fresh, local and high quality. As we know, it is not that easy to start his own business in this competitive college town, Japonee Express started the challenge to surprise everyone. They always provided a number of lunch specials almost every day, bento boxes, sushi lunches and fried rice; they would like to give out giant portions of food for everyone. However, Bloomington is not the best place to have authentic Japanese food, this place is reliable and food is fresh prepared.