A Course at The Media School

C226 Visual Communications, Fall 2017

Never Too Young

Never say you’re too young. I had a chance to spend a day and talk with Keon Brown at Foster Quad in Bloomington,In who is beating all odds being a certified Indiana University Police Officer and a Indiana University Spring 17 Graduate all at the age of just 22.  Being a police officer is definitely hard work from the outside looking in but this was something Brown knew he wanted to do since the very young age of 5. Inspired by McGruff the Crime Dog after he talked to his kindergarten class about safety, Brown never lost sight on learning and applying what it would take to be the one to prevent crime someday.

Representing Japan

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Although Indiana University Bloomington has more than 45000 students, there are only a few Japanese students. The university offers Japanese classes, but the culture of Japan is very little known in the Bloomington community. Japanese Student Association at Indiana University (JSA) is a student organization that promotes and spreads Japanese culture around IU campus.


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On a little farm just outside of Spencer, Ind., four women stand hunched over the earth. They’re dressed sensibly, their hair pulled back, and they wield box cutters. These are the women of Harvest Moon Flower Farm.

Guatemalan Stress Dolls

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When attending a large big ten school like Indiana University, it can be very difficult to find a place to fit in. Add in being from a different racial background and having different experiences compared to most students, and the task gets more difficult. However, Indiana University offers many resources on campus for students, including multiple cultural centers.

Becoming Jenna Talia

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Within the halls of Briscoe 3 lies a single room in the middle of the floor where Ethan Tinsley, a 19-year-old pre-nursing Freshman, spends his days and nights studying and getting ready for class. Little do people know that within the stark white walls of the tiny dorm there is a striking queen perfecting her makeup and brushing her wigs, awaiting her big debut.