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Bloomington Zone Arts Grant brings diversity to arts & cultural scene

April 19th, 2018

Most movie theaters are the same, you come inside, grab some popcorn and a drink and watch the new popular film. But, Cicada Cinema isn’t an average movie theater, it’s in a new location every time you go screening films that usually wouldn’t be shown.

Founded on Halloween 2016 in its original location at “The Void” on South Rogers Street. After a year of running the cinema out of the “The Void” in downtown Bloomington, Nile Arena, co-founder of the cinema, and his team were notified that the building would be close at the end of 2017. With very limited choices to keep the cinema alive, they looked to the city for help and obtained the Bloomington Zone Arts Grant.

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From England to Bloomington, Film Curator Charlie Jones has found home

March 29th, 2018

Five-years ago, 31-year-old Charlie Jones made the move from the Beaches of Brighton, England, to the middle of Southern Indiana. Landing in Bloomington, she did it for love, plus her passion for filmmaking and festivals.

Jones didn’t expect to ever leave England, but one day a film festival traveled to the United Kingdom. She met the festival creator and producer, Eric Ayotta, from Bloomington, and realized he was doing exactly what she wanted to do.

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Talking to strangers is challenging

March 27th, 2018

Going up to strangers on the street and asking questions is no easy task. For me, I struggled a little bit at first finding the right people to interview. I stood out on Kirkwood Avenue in downtown Bloomington for about 15 minutes before I found a subject I wanted to interview. Luckily, I wasn’t rejected by anyone and all my interviews were useable.

The first girl I approached was easy, she had a lot to say about concerts in Bloomington and recently went to one at The Bluebird a few weeks prior. She gave a lot of insight coming from Chicago to Bloomington on how the music scene is just different and much smaller than in a large city.

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Bloomington locals wish for better music selection

March 1st, 2018

The Bluebird, Kilroy’s Recess and The Bishop are some of the biggest concert venues in town according to Bloomington locals interviewed on Kirkwood Avenue on Feb. 14, 2018. The major problem is that these venues aren’t that large, making it difficult to attract big-name artists.

“There’s not that many concerts to be quite honest in Bloomington,” said Courtney Robb, 21, from Chicago. “Most artists that I listen to go to bigger stages throughout the state. If I’m home, I’ll go and listen to different bands just because it’s a lot easier to see people there than it is to see people that I want to spend money on to see here.”

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On the Beat – Arts & Entertainment

February 15th, 2018


Jan. 31, 2018

David Lindquist, Indy Star

President Ford found Black History Month in 1976, and over 40 years later it’s still recognized. Storyteller Ryan L. Bennett said it’s great that Black History Month is celebrated, but at the same time all African-American experiences are inseparable from U.S. history.

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Bio: Zain Pyarali

Zain Pyarali
Zain Pyarali is a junior in the Media School at Indiana University studying sports media and broadcasting. He has a wealth of previous experiences in journalism. Zain worked for the Indiana Daily Student for two years, covering four different beats, working as sports editor for one semester and social media for another semester. Since then, Zain has moved on to covering Indiana men’s basketball for IU Student Television and more recently In addition to all of this, Zain also does podcasts for The Hoosier Network, broadcasts for all sports on Big Ten Network Student U and in the past has been a co-host for multiple radio shows on WIUX Student Radio.