IU Science Fest: The Media School

Spooky science

Carve a virtual jack-o-lantern, star in a haunted podcast and interact with ghosts and goblins using the latest in audio and video game development software, and then measure your psychophysiological response.

Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018
9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Franklin Hall
601 E. Kirkwood Ave.

Visit IU Science Fest’s website for a full list of sites and activities.

Motion capture technology

Two actors fighting

Use motion capture technology to carve a virtual pumpkin. With the system’s reflective tracker nodes operating as a virtual knife, you can make a scary jack-o-lantern to project onto the big screen.

Audio production studio

Star in a haunted house podcast. Act out scenes from our haunted script with your friends using recording equipment and audio effects software. Will you be a hero or villain? It’s up to you. Be sure to listen to your voice on the SoundCloud compilation after Science Fest.

Green screen

Annabeth Pfafflin

Interact with Halloween visitors on the green screen. We’ll have ghosts, goblins and ghouls (plus a few surprises) to interact with on video using green screen technology.

Social science experiments

Is your heart beating faster? Palms sweating? Use technology to scientifically measure your heart rate and skin conductance as you watch this Halloween fun on the big screen in the Media School commons. Discuss your findings with scientist from the Media School’s Institute for Communication Research.


Contact professor Rob Potter, director of the ICR.

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