Current Research


Setbacks and Step-ups in Video Game Play

Kelsey Prena, Andrew Weaver, Sharlene Newman

Source Credibility in Science News

Ryan Comfort, James Shanahan

Dynamics in Social-viewing Context

Jingjing Han, Yang Shi, Xia Zheng, Annie Lang

The Effect of Couple Imagery in Advertising

Shu Han Hsu, Robert F. Potter

Motivational Systems and Attitudes

Xia Zheng, Jingjing Han, Annie Lang

Continuous Measuring of Music

Ted Jamison-Koenig, Robert F. Potter

Cognitive Processing of Video on Mobile Devices

Robert F. Potter, Jessica Gall Myrick, Jingjing Han, Lucia Cores Sarria, Alexis Newman

Responses to Music Listening

Joshua Sites, Rob Potter


Automatic Attention and I-phone Sounds

Anthony Almond, Jessica Taylor, Robert F. Potter

Parody Treatment of Candidates

Norming Songs

Jason Peifer, Robert F. Potter, Sharon Mayell

Trait Motivational Reactivity and Social Attitudes

Xia Zheng, Anthony Almond, Harry Yan, Annie Lang

Psychophysiological Responses to Structure in Music

Joshua Sites, Ted Jamison-Koenig, Robert F. Potter

Responses to Advertisements

Glenna Read-Bullock, Robert F. Potter

What do People Memorize when Watching Sexually-explicit Messages

Yanyan Zhou, Bryant Paul

Eye Tracking Sexually-explicit Messages

Bryant Paul, Yanyan Zhou, Ken Rosenberg

Health Behavior and Motivational Reactivity

Jingjing Han, Xia Zheng, Annie Lang

Physiological Response to Normed and Personal Songs

Robert F. Potter, Claire Dudek, Alexis Newman, Sharon Mayell

Crowdsourcing and Corporate Social Responsibility

Young Eun Park, Sung-Un Yang

Determining Photo Preferences to Athlete Instagram Photos

Lauren Smith, Galen Clavio

Match-up and Emotion Effects in Televised Sports

Minkyo Lee, Paul Mark Pedersen, Robert F. Potter

Media Attention and the Conduct of Distraction

Dan Hassoun, Ilana Gershon, Barbara Klinger

Employee Word-of-Mouth, Corporate Reputation & External Stakeholder Engagement

Minjeong Kang

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