Student Housing

While attending the IU High School Journalism Institute, you’ll live much like college students in on-campus housing. You will have a roommate and you’ll be supervised by counselors who are college students and, often, journalism majors, too.


Women and men will use separate areas of Spruce Hall Residence Center. This brand-new, fully air-conditioned dorm is on the eastside of campus and within a short walk of most HSJI large- and small-group sessions. Roommate requests will be accepted if both students request one another in the online registration form.


Just like IU students who live in a residence hall during the school year, HSJI students will use prepaid meal cards. At check-in, each student will receive a $50 prepaid meal card, which is included in the workshop registration fee. Students who want to purchase additional meal cards may choose this option on the online payment form.

However, you also should bring extra money to purchase some meals at on-campus and nearby off-campus locations. Campus-run food courts accept both cash and your personal debit or credit cards. No refunds are available for unspent meal card balances.

The primary dining facility for HSJI will be at the Wright Residence Hall, check out this link to food options at the Wright Food Court.