Hannah Crail Profile

Upon first glance, Richmond High School senior Hannah Crail may seem like the average teenage girl, obsessed with boys and shopping. But with a little pressure, she opens up about the things that she loves.

“On the inside I have a secret. I really like to watch videos of people doing Goth makeup. They make me laugh,” Crail said.

A life-changing moment in her life was the transition from middle school to high school. This is a moment that for many students can spell out the rest of their life.

“In middle school I really wanted to be punk rock. I had pink hair and I only wore all black, and like I had two friends. But once I came to high school, I got more friends; and now I know that they have my back,” Crail said.

Since coming to high school, Crail …
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Career Blues — The Perfect Decision

From being a little girl with many different aspirations, to maturing into a senior at Richmond High School with at least an idea of what her future will consist of, Ashlee Coffey has let the small dreams of her youth assist her in making decisions for the end of her high school career.

“Right now it is hard to pick a career because there is so much pressure to make the right choice,” said Richmond senior Coffey.

The pressure that comes along with the making the “perfect decision” is what usually seniors start to worry about at the end of their junior year going into their senior year. Seniors want to be confident in their choices and decisions, no one wants to think back with regrets going into college.

“When I was little, I wanted to be a surgical nurse. Then in fifth …
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A Family Divided by Party Lines

Tensions  flood to an all-time high within the Poetz household as November’s presidential election creeps closer. For Junior Christina Poetz, submerging herself within politics has allowed her the opportunity to find her own voice. However, establishing her personal beliefs was not an easy task for Poetz, as she lives within a household where each member of her family falls on a different scale of the political spectrum. Her mother is an avid supporter of democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Her father is a strict conservative and Donald Trump enthusiast. These opposing influences have swayed Poetz to stray from her family’s beliefs and choose to support Senator Bernie Sanders in the presidential race.

“I support Bernie Sanders because I think he focuses a lot on people our age,” Poetz said. “The other candidates look only to the people that can vote, whereas [Sanders] …
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Brady Krueger — The Power of Makeup


As senior Brady Krueger walked through the halls he heard the phrase that had become a commonality since his junior year, “Are you wearing makeup?”

He turns and proudly confirms.

Krueger began doing makeup after being inspired by drag queens confidence. He picked up tricks from friends and then turned to YouTube stars like Jeffree Star and Manny Mua.

“A good friend of mine taught me the basics and then I turned to tutorials,” Krueger said.

Now equipped with the skills Krueger dove head first into the world of contour, lipstick and glitter.

Kruegers’ teachers and peers supported his decision to begin wearing makeup. One of his main supporters was his yearbook advisor, Carol Kazmierczak, who applauded him for being himself.

“She thought it was amazing that I was doing something that made me happy despite it not being the …
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The Grind of Nellie Shih

Typical problems may happen in Nellie’s day-to-day life, but she does not let them grind her gears. Shih takes on multiple challenging courses, knowing that they will push her knowledge but in the end will only make her better. “My hardest class is my honors biology class. The teacher expected a lot out of us but once you figure out the system and get use to writing everything down it gets easier,” Shih said.

Understanding the importance of the advanced classes, Shih tells how she is preparing herself for college. On a normal day she goes with the flow of school but when a test is around the corner Shih’s gears start to move.

Aside from her academic grind, Shih tells off how the piano and flute take up a lot of her free time. “I go to a private school,” says …
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Eddie Moreno Personality Profile

People nowadays may not know what they want to do after their high school years. One kid from with a dream from Mississippi knows his plans.

Seymour High Schooler Raquay Holland knows his path.

“I have been taking newspaper since my sophomore year but I guess I have progressed so much that I am going to be the next editor in chief for the newspaper and I am really proud of that,” Holland said.

Holland has been looking for various colleges to attend so he could major in journalism.

Holland said why he would love a certain college and what suits him best.

“I’m thinking about going to Indiana University because the journalism program is said to be superb because it attracts people from all over the country and even internationally. However, I don’t feel the community is the best …
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The Great Impact

Jocelyn Bustamente was “ snotty” and “stuck up” in 5th grade before transferring to Torres charter school, but she also claims that after transferring schools she had emerged into a new personality that had first sparked through a chaotic event that completely changed who she was.

She went from “snotty” and “stuck up” to “caring”. One morning her reading class was expected to complete a do now, however it had seemed to take an unwise turn, an unwise turn that went down hill.

A group of girls were all laughing because they were reading a personalized journal that had belonged to a girl who was disliked by everyone else. It seemed that Jocelyn laughed along because she felt like that if she didn’t, she’d become a victim that they’d want to bully as well, in other words she felt peer …
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Theme Profile (We Came, We Saw, We Conquered)

She saw herself differently in the sixth grade and she came to the conclusion that she was overweight. That is when her bulimia started.

“Growing up I was an outgoing person. But in sixth grade being overweight worsened the problem and that made me a target. This resulted in becoming shy and channeling my feelings in a negative way,” Abby Hanson, a sophomore attending Noblesville High School said.

Hanson’s sixth and seventh grade years were tough because she was bullied about her weight. This led to unhealthy habits and the start of her eating disorders.

However, being bullied and having an eating disorder introduced her to her love of writing and spoken poetry. She began with prose, which is a speech type, and reading more than she did before. She liked watching slam poetry on YouTube.

“Eating disorders is a big problem, but it makes you realize you are not alone. Hearing …
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James Shin personality profile

Lots of people do not push themselves to their full potential, but one Asian American kid is putting it all out there to get to the school of his dreams.

James Shin lives a average life. He lives in a neutral family, steady income and go to a local catholic school in Arcadia, California.

When Shin was asked how he plans to how he planned to get into his dream university he responded “It’s simple I want to keep my GPA high my SAT score high and do things that other candidates wouldn’t do,”

James does such things by volunteering his time to local homeless centers and red cross associations in the area. You might say well other people spend their time doing community service to but on top of all that Shin’s does other things.

“When I’m not volunteering at the Red …
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Traditions live on

Senior skip day. Driving a tractor on the last day of school. Shaving your head before the boys swim team goes to State Championships. What do all these things have in common? They’re all traditions.

Every school has their own traditions. At Signature School, students have the tradition of participating in the Fall and Spring Fling.“Fall and Spring Fling is basically a battle against each class,” said junior Abby Cook. “We compete in a multitude of things, such as dodgeball, basketball, and skill competitions with soccer and dribbling.”All students are required to attend, but not all have to participate.Cook said students who wish to participate in the battles are to sign up for the activity, while those who don’t wish to participate can cheer for their fellow classmates.Since Signature doesn’t have sports, students view the flings as a way to show …
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