New to Nursing

Amazed by the caring, helpful nature of nurses, senior Courtney Hutslar plans on studying nursing at Indiana University next year.

“I job shadowed this summer, which I think really made me want to become a nurse because I saw how much good they can do,” senior Courtney Hutslar said. “The feeling of being able to help people was just amazing.”

During her job shadowing, Hutslar listened to a baby’s heartbeat and breathing, but she mostly just watched and learned. Hutslar had to shadow for 20 hours and ended up doing 24 hours–12 of those hours during one shift.

“I mainly had to watch because it was job shadowing,” Hutslar said, “but what I did get to do and see was amazing.”

What inspired Hutslar the most was an accident on the side of the road that she saw while driving home one day.

“The ambulance …
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You’ve Been Lawyered

Although Mia Morales is currently attending an institute for journalism, she finds herself more captivated with the works of law. Morales’ interest in law first sparked when her best friend, Khadijah Guisse, suggested she join the Mock Trials Club. Mock Trials Club are for students who enjoy a combination of acting, public speaking and law.

“Once a week we competed against other teams. I had a character in which I had to act out and read her statement,” Morales said. “Even though I had a character I had to stick to, I still have to know how to answer the questions.”

Looking ahead after college, Morales hopes to be a lawyer. Joining a club which is based around law implanted the idea for her future occupation. As a dedicated student, she shows maturity beyond her years by putting academics first …
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Sink or Swim

How Emily manages to stay afloat

Emily Long seems pressed to remember exactly when she began swimming. Her eyes look up as if to search for a buried memory, quickly hesitating before revealing how long the sport has influenced her.  “I started [swimming] when I was six almost seven…and I decided that was just where I was going to go from there.”

Although very skilled in swimming, Emily is graciously humble, never boasting of an accomplishment. Her demeanor initially strikes as focused, almost reserved before becoming more light-hearted upon further conversation. When asked if she can connect what she has learned from swimming to any larger life lessons, she seems perplexed before landing on a clear answer. “Its a lot of time,” she remarks about the rigid schedules high school swimmers have to face. “Every day …
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The Decision of a Lifetime

Going into the final year of high school one of the biggest decisions a student has to make is what he wants to do with the rest his life. For most people the next step is college, and the decision of where to go is not one that is made lightly. The situation is no different for high school student Adam Warner. For him, IU seems like the natural choice because both his mom and sister attended the university, but following in his family’s footsteps can come with positives and negatives which bring out some of the important factors that Adam, and many other high school students, have to consider when choosing how to spend the next years of their lives.

However, in Adam’s case, the positives seem to outweigh the negatives as he says that even though he …
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Being spontaneous is not everyone’s strong suit. Being brave, open-minded to change, and flexible are the key elements possessed by spontaneous people. Katrina Jimenez emulates these qualities. Not only is she loud, extroverted, and a ball of energy, but she isn’t afraid to step outside of her comfort zone. At fourteen years old, she was sitting at the kitchen table in Colorado with her father for dinner. A normal night, but an innocent question posed by her dad would change her childhood forever. “If you could move to Indianapolis, would you?” she recalls her father asking.

“Yeah, why not?” she immediately answered.

“Why not?” is a phrase that Jimenez uses to push her along in life. She is an avid coffee enthusiast and wants to design for magazines in the future. If she enjoys an activity, why not pursue it with …
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Take a Hike

Going Green with Paige

Paige Bryant feels at home surrounded by trees and all sorts of animals. While she’s immersed in nature, Paige feels relaxed without the stress of everyday life weighing on her. Though everyday life can be hectic at times, Paige makes the most of her school day by keeping up inside jokes with her best friend, Courtney. Small joys like these jokes, yearbook class, and volunteering at the school library help Paige get through the rough parts of her day, like loud and chaotic school lunches.

While Paige hikes during the summer, she would rather stay inside during the colder months. However, she does venture out from time to time in December to look at the colorful Christmas lights and decorations, but only with a steaming cup of hot chocolate to keep warm.

During the rest of the year, …
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Tune in to Journalism

Intrigued by journalism and media application, Maggie Bui looks for every opportunity to broaden her horizons and improve her journalistic skills. From Memorial Day to mid-July, Bui spent her time volunteering at local community radio station WFHB. During her time there, Bui was able to strengthen her skills as a journalist and report over real news on the station’s website.

Bui, an incoming senior at Bloomington High School South, is an editor of the school’s yearbook and is eager to find new opportunities to learn about reporting and news writing that can translate into her work at school, or a future career in the subject field.    As a volunteer, Bui worked with others to produce media, written stories in her case, that revolved around local news events. Bui found herself to be the only high school student volunteering with an abundance …
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Ink on Lined Paper

Senior Tess Murray used writing to share ideas, relieve stress.

Writing can be used to drive a certain point to an audience–to inform the public. It can be used to entertain. Senior Tess Murray from Hinsdale South High School used her own writing for relief from stress and as a way to utilize her talents for putting words on paper. Murray’s writing abilities had given her a position on the yearbook staff at her school in Darien, Illinois, which allowed her to share her written creations with the audience at her school.

“My favorite writing is the writing that I do do through being in the yearbook, which is mostly feature writing,” Murray said. “I find it so cool to meet and learn about so many people that I normally wouldn’t [meet].”

Murray took pride in her work for the school yearbook. She …
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The Knee’d to Succeed

Sixteen-year-old Guillermo Tellez sits casually with one leg propped up on a chair, clad in his usual athletic shorts and a t-shirt with his signature perky ponytail peeping out from the top of his head.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Guillermo is the second child of four. He has an older brother and a younger brother and sister. They live in a house in the Belmont Craigan district of Northern Chicago. They moved from Southern Chicago when Guillermo was around five or six years old.

On being asked what growing up in Chicago is like for a teen like him, Guillermo said it is difficult because there a lot of gangs and shootings, especially living downtown like him.

“As long as you hang out with the right people, you’ll be okay,” Guillermo said. “Then [living in downtown Chicago] is really …
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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

As the overused yet truthful proverb goes, “a picture’s a thousand words.”In some circumstances, a picture can convey an emotion or message far better than a collection of words. If one looks at photographs like Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother, they are able to tell the audience a story while also spreading awareness of a pressing societal issue. Laura Stancato greatly believes in the power of pictures.

While at Ball State University’s Journalism Day, Laura met Professor Martin Smith-Rodden, who taught an advocacy photojournalism class. What really intrigued Laura was that Smith-Rodden used his psychology degree in complement to his work as a photojournalist. This made Laura realize that she could combine her interest in photography, journalism and mental illness in order to make a difference.

Having close relationships with people who have mental illnesses, mental health is a topic that Laura holds …
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