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Teachers reflect on time at Ernie Pyle Hall

It’s the end of the line for Ernie Pyle Hall. At least as a classroom building.

On July 25, the Media School will move out of Ernie Pyle Hall, marking an end to the building responsible for teaching a long line of journalism students. After renovations it will house a career center.

The building has a long line of history, and the closing of it is bittersweet for many teachers at the High School Journalism Institute who have attended classes and taught there.


When did you first come to Ernie Pyle Hall?

“I was a student here from 1981 until 1986.”

What is one of your favorite memories of the building?

“I remember one of the first years I was teaching at HSJI it was about 1989. I had to do a big lecture in the auditorium. I knew had to get people’s attention, and my lecture was talking …
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They were once just like us

Many people who work at HSJI today, once attended the camp back when they were in high school. Although the camps then and now had differences, there are also many similarities between them. Some HSJI faculty were asked to reminisce on their experiences as a student attendee and what it’s like to be a staff member now.

Watch the staff members talk about there experiences here.

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When old meets new

I am new to Indiana.

As a kid grew up in Shanghai, China and moved to Los Angeles in 9th grade. Indiana feels different.

This place has beautiful sky, large green trees and endless grasslands. But the road is small and narrow, the shopping mall isn’t ideal.

I came to IU campus, and I changed my mind. First, I met the cutest squirrels.

Indiana University is mixed with ancient architectures and new buildings, huge trees and saplings. The school has experienced seniors who master everything and incoming freshmen who know almost nothing about IU.

Building modern facilities while keeping the old-fashion ones adds a layer to the campus.

IU is updating everyday, so do I. I start to write interesting works outside of class besides my first language, mandarin.

Making changes is tough, but it is also the most exciting part.