Public Relations Team

End of a Proud Era

HSJI staff give thanks and say their final goodbyes to Ernie Pyle Hall.

The Long Haul to Franklin

Get a glance at the exciting renovations being made to IU’s new Media School.

HSJI Says Goodbye to Ernie Pyle Hall

As Ernie Pyle Hall is closed and the School of Journalism is moved elsewhere, students and staff recollect their memorable experiences within the building while saying their final farewells.

Of Design Whizzes and Sewing Wizards

A magical tour of IU’s theatre costume department revealed there’s more than just journalists at HSJI.

Students Step Into a New ‘Reality’

Sports writing students traveled to the baseball and softball fields to experiment with new sports technology. They truly saw a peek into the future.

There and Back Again: An Aspiring Filmmaker’s Tale

Don’t be fooled by Bilqis Turner’s gentle countenance— she has a fighting spirit and unrelenting determination to achieve her dreams–wherever they make take her.

Anticipating Awesome Adventures

With students coming in from all across the United States, and the world for that matter, HSJI is a diverse program to say the least.

What We Got Out of the Shadows

This morning, the HSJI PR team had the opportunity to shadow a pro in the field of Public Relations.

What a Week

As the last full day of HSJI is slowly coming to a close, I thought I would type up a quick reflection of my week here as a member of the PR Team.

A few new wrinkles in 70 years of HSJI

The High School Journalism Institute has survived a long time. Find out what has changed in 70 years and what never will.