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A Work in Progress

The Media School located at Indiana University is moving. Here is where you can look into the process of moving equipment from Ernie Pyle to Franklin Hall. Here, one can learn about history on one special piece of equipment that had to make it through the move to a different location. Get to know some of the staff members and those helping to put the media school together, in hope for it to be in use by the fall of the 2016 school year.

Cycling Coffee

A Europe tradition bringing coffee and bicycles together. Located in the corner of the peaceful street. Decide to have traditional coffee because people want to wake up and be ready to go  before going on their bike ride .

Portfolio By:Michelle Alvarez

My Portfolio by Chris Montalvo

Architecture, Shadows, Trees by Melissa Gomez

All in the Detail

Step into a preview of the Indiana University Art Museum. Meet some staff and visitors of the museum and get their input on their favorite exhibits and why they’re here. Look into the details of some works of art. Look into the details of who and what keeps the Art Museum running.

My Portfolio: By Isabel Greiner

322 Kirkwood Ave.

Everyone knows this famous little building just down the street of IU, but do you really know about all the little stops inside? This story will both show and highlight the best parts of this amazing collection of shops, stores, and cafes.