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HSJI Day Four

The fourth day of HSJI was the most stressful. It was crunch time for all different classes to get editing, audio, and photographs finished. Deadlines were met, despite the hours on end of efforts.

Students bust out their singing skills during Wednesday Night’s karaoke.

Students bust out their singing skills during Wednesday Night’s karaoke.

Students bust out their singing skills during Wednesday Night’s karaoke.

Students bust out their singing skills during Wednesday Night’s karaoke.

Students bust out their singing skills during Wednesday Night’s karaoke.

Students bust out their singing skills during Wednesday Night’s karaoke.

Students bust out their singing skills during Wednesday Night’s karaoke.

Students bust out their singing skills during Wednesday Night’s karaoke.

Ready for Quieter Quarters

Brian Garcia considers himself to be more quiet and reserved. “It’s easier for me to talk to people once I really get to know them,” he says when describing his personality. He currently goes to Noble Street College Prep. “Chicago is home,” he says. He is familiar with living in a big city, and in a diverse neighborhood with many unique shops. Despite being used to urban life, he says he prefers exploring smaller, quieter towns. “It really is a reflection of my personality,” says Brian.

His time here at IU has made Brian excited for his future. He is ready to venture away from home and explore new places. He plans on studying criminal justice and then either becoming a police officer or working in the CIA. “I definitely want to go to college out of state,” says Brian …
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HSJI Day Two

Students woke up early Monday morning in order to make it to their classes at Franklin Hall. The larger classes such as Documentary Film and TV News got to check out the necessary equipment for the week. many students are excited to begin filming tomorrow for their package story or documentary. The other classes have been assigned projects of a smaller scale to begin working on journalistic skills like interviewing or working a DSLR camera.

HSJI Sports Broadcasting students learn the basics of photoshop in a media library.

Students learn the basics of camera and microphone usage in the commons of Franklin Hall.

“Birthday Girl” Ashley Johnson takes her newly acquired equipment back to the Documentary Film Class.

Lawson McAteer waits in line to get his equipment for TV newscasting.

Emma Long jumps right in to using the camera during class time.

Arts & Entertainment student …
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Zack Villere releases fantastic debut album “Little World”

By Morgan Taylor, Crown Point HS

Opinion Writing

In a world where just about anything can be called music, it can be difficult to find new and interesting arrangements. Sub genres like cosmic disco, folk punk, and liquid funk exist so that everyone can find something they enjoy. There has been a recent growing popularity in the sub genre psychedelic R&B. An artist formerly known as “Fro-yo Ma” released his first official album, “Little World”, on June 16 under his government name, Zack Villere.

Villere is known for making mainly electronic beats on Soundcloud under the alias “Fro-yo Ma.” His new album is a fantastic mix of original psychedelic beats and soft, beautiful vocals. “Little World” is an amazing representation of Villere’s character– an awkward aspiring cartoonist who is simply trying to come to terms with himself.

The 21-year-old from Covington, Louisiana, …
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IU Overseas Study Puts Student Safety First

By Trinity Tunstall, Father Ryan High School

Opinion Writing

Indiana University is sending students to countries with travel warnings for overseas study – but it’s okay. IU has decided to continue  to send students to nations with travel warnings in an effort to mitigate reduced opportunities for student. Yet, I believe this decision is well justified in the University’s intentions and precautions. Not banning travel to such countries only demonstrates a commitment to education and signifies the IU’s trust in the capabilities and responsibility of its student body.

In the presentation by the Senior Advisor from the IU Office of Overseas Study Danielle Samek and Peer Counselor Jaedon Wilson at the HSJI on Tuesday, students were persuaded not only of the benefits but of the safety and availability of studying internationally at IU. With overseas study participation increasing 66 percent in the past …
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Snapchat’s Bitmoji Snap Map Shows Kids Are Social Media Smart

With one simple pinch you can know exactly where your kids are if they have Snapchat. The new Bitmoji snap map created by Snapchat allows others to see young adult’s whereabouts, according Snap Inc. the news director of Snapchat updates.

From before birth parents worry about what is acceptable for kids and what isn’t. They invest their time making sure the peas you eat are not poisonous and dangerous for your health. Parents are internally worried and scared about whatever could or will happen you.

But in fact generation Z children are outsmarting their parents. What parents don’t realize behind closed doors is that in reality, kids are smart online. Although parents may think that their children have learned nothing, parents don’t give enough credit for them, especially while having many more risks than ever before. Snapchat acquired over …
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HSJI Day One

Students arrived this afternoon from all over the country to check-in for a week at Indiana University to study journalism of all platforms. To begin the second full session of the summer program, high school students attended their first group classes and learned the basics of their specialty.

Holly Hays, IndyStar breaking news reporter, guest-teaches for the yearbook class. Hays had formerly been the editor of the Arbutus yearbook during her time at Indiana University.

Each student is given a folder containing crucial information about the week.

Students check in at the main lobby of Spruce.

Students receive room keys during check-in time.

Dean Hume teaches the importance of communication to the sports broadcasting students. They were challenged to find the most interesting information about their peers’ lives.

Photojournalism students participate in a class game of charades as an icebreaker. …
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Online scholarship application

HSJI students who are rising seniors are eligible to apply for a scholarship to attend IU. Please complete the online application by the Wednesday, July 19, 7:45 a.m. deadline.

2017 Scholarship Application

The Friendship Chain

Edwin Hernandez is not really liking his experience. However, he did meet someone he can connect something with. He met Evelyn Avina through Jacqueline on the way to class.

Edwin found out that Evelyn was from Chicago. He found it cool because he is also from Chicago. He wasn’t nervous to talk to her because he is a “confident person.”

They started off with small talks. He didn’t want to throw himself right there and then. He didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. Small talks were better than having a conversation.

“She has a joking personality and so do I,” he said.

Once he was able to talk to her more, that’s when he knew their friendship would be strong. He understood the type of person she will be and how it will impact his life. He has friends back at home who …
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People of HSJI: Profile of Jorge Godoy

Jorge Godoy only wakes up for long enough in the morning to endure the 18-block trudge to the L-station with his little sister and to get on the Orange-Line train headed towards his school.

“Things stress me out,” Jorge, 16, says about his life on the Southside of Chicago. “I usually quit on things (that I’m working on). I want to relax, so I stop.”

As soon as his head hits the glass window of the train, Jorge knocks out again for the duration of the teetering, half-hour trip to school. However, when asked why he doesn’t worry about missing his stop, Jorge shrugs and says, “my sister will always wake me up in time.”

As much as life seems to pummel him and tire him out, Jorge, like many ordinary teens, has a circle of people in his life that …
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