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Costume designers prepare for upcoming productions

Jonathan Michaelsen teaches the real world on the theatre stage

“Artists take the world and internalize it and give something back,” Artistic Director and Theater Department Head of Indiana University Jonathan R. Michaelsen said. For Michaelsen, giving back is what his career is all about.

Michaelsen began his career at IU 12 years ago but has been participating in and teaching theater all his life. Throughout his journey, he has discovered that teaching is his ultimate passion. He considers himself lucky to be able to teach yet still allow students to develop on their own. One of the best parts of his job is allowing the students to have creative freedom with how they go about learning the role of the character and how they problem solve.

IU produces an average of three shows during the regular school year but also puts on shows for the summer theatre program. For …
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The audience’s role in theatre

Students and community members visit the Wells-Metz Theatre to enjoy “Sense and Sensibility.” Jonathan Michaelson, Chair of the Department of Theatre, Drama, and Dance at Indiana University, dedicates his time to the theatre. Robbie Stanton, a costume designer for Indiana University, explains his part in bringing the show to the audience. Jenny McNight and Grant Goodman, hired equity actors, are performing in “Sense and Sensibility” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

“If we work well together, we’re better,” Jonathan Michaelson, the chairman of Indiana University’s Theatre Department said. The truth of this statement resonates, not just with …
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Pokémon Go app posing as a safety hazard and distraction for players

“Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.”

This is the warning that “Pokémon Go” displays as users are opening the application to go hunt Pokémon. “Pokémon Go” is an app for iPhone and Android devices that connects the virtual world of Pokémon to the real world. Players must travel to real locations to catch Pokémon in order to join a team and battle.

Indiana University student and dorm floor counselor Sara Miller came home last week after spending two months in London to find teenagers wandering around campus absorbed in Pokémon.

“The first night I was back I just went for a walk around campus because I missed being on campus and I missed Indiana,” Miller said. “Everywhere I went there were nerdy teenage boys staring at their phones and I was like ‘what are you doing?’ They …
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The Evolution Of Comic Books

Over the years, comic books have changed dramatically but have yet remained the same. Some comics have changed the main characters from the typical handsome, strong hero to a woman superhero. But, is this sudden change attracting many more of the comic book fans?

Some of the first popular comics were about crimes and suspense; meanwhile, the hero comics like Batman and Superman were not as popular yet. Along with the crime and suspense comics, there were also horror comics of zombies, vampires and even werewolves. Some of these comics were “The Vault of horror”, “Weird Fantasy”, and “Tales from the Crypt” which had been popular.

“People didn’t recognize them as being particularly valuable,” Rebecca Baumann a librarian at Lilly Library said.

Though the beginning of the superhero comics was rough at first it gradually began to take people’s interest. During WWII, many …
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We are not perfect, so why should our heroes be?

Harry Potter has a martyr complex. Achilles has a bad heel. Bruce Banner can not control himself. These characters are all heroes of literature, of mythology and the most obvious source for superheroes: comics.

“It’s an underdog finding within his/herself some special power, whether it’s a superpower, spiritual power or intellectual power, that helps them rise above their problems or whatever is keeping them down.”  Professor of Information Science and comics aficionado John Walsh said. “That’s a story that is told in the different world religions and mythologies, and for whatever reason, it’s important to us to keep telling that story in different ways… but a lot of that basic narrative is there in all of them.”

“It’s important to us to keep telling that story…”

Why do writers tell the same stories over and over? They may give them new names, polish …
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How Marvel changed the modern superhero

Marvel definitely has a track record of being different. As Rebecca Bauman a librarian at Lilly Library said, “Marvel really changed what superheros were.” She recently talked to a group of students about Marvel’s long history of changing up the preconceived notion of what heroes are. Here are the facts she had to share.

Marvel created a team instead of singular heroes

“They focused a lot on the idea of teams. The first characters that they developed were The Fantastic Four, this was in 1961. What they did with Fantastic Four was, first of all, they made a team, which was kind of a novel thing, so its not just one guy going out to fight villains, it is a group of people, men and women, going out to fight villains. The Avengers, they took some of their popular characters… put them …
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Abstract Comics: Understanding how modern art and the comic world overlap

When one hears the word “comics”, images of superheroes, text bubbles, or even graphic novels may appear within their head. Yet, Andrei Molotiu, a professor in the Indiana University Department of Art History, explores a rather infant, obscure form of comics in his book, Abstract Comics: The Anthology. 

Molotiu has been lecturing students at IU about comics since the year 2002, and teaches primarily three classes: the history of comics from the 19th century to the modern age, the development of graphic novels, and the overlapping themes found in comic books and modern art.

While comic books have been a prevalent interest throughout his life, Molotiu began to explore the idea of abstract comics between 2001 and 2002. “I’m mostly interested in comics’ function formally beyond your themes and beyond your characters,” Molotiu explains. Discovering the concept that the classic panel sequencing within comic books could …
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What does the Word Hero Mean to You?

In Bloomington we traveled the streets to stop strangers and ask them what the word hero meant to them. We wanted to see how the interpretation of the word Hero changed depending on the gender and age of people. When you hear the word Hero what do you think of?

Video by Ariana Maldonado, Pictures by Courtney Cox and Interviews by Sarah Mullins

Do you believe being a parent is difficult?

Being a parent is very difficult because being a parent means that you have a lot more responsibilities to maintain. For example twenty year old, Betty Guevara, is raising her three year old daughter all by herself.

Being an only mother and having people next to you, telling you negative things, and bringing your motivation down is really hard to deal with. “Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.” Many kids don’t learn when you teach them how to act; they are stubborn at a young age. So what they basically do is act exactly like the person who inspires them- someone who they are always around with and look up to.

“Yes, parenting is hard because you don’t know what you’re going to go through at all times. Having kids is a really big responsibility. You have …
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